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Job Relocation: Should You Move for a Job?

Following your dreams from town to town

In some countries, such as the United States or Canada, moving to a new city for a job is nothing to write home about, so to say. It is a common thing. You work in Phoenix and you get a better job offer in New York City? You pack your bags, you pack your family and you move. It is as simple as that. Or at least it is for the majority of people who live there.

In Kenya, things are a bit different and people often feel anxious to relocate because they landed a job somewhere else. Today, we dig deeper into this and we try to answer a question that many job seekers ask themselves – whether they should relocate for a job.

Your Current Situation

Current situation

Sometimes, the situation you are currently in is all the motivation you will need to accept the job in a new town and relocate effective immediately.

For example, you may have been trying to find a job in your town for a few years with no success. Maybe your industry took a major hit in your area and there is simply no realistic chance that you will ever get a job where you are.

Perhaps for personal reasons, you have grown tired of your current town, and you are just looking to get away from it all.

In such a situation, the answer would be a resounding yes – if you can get a job elsewhere, relocate. In fact, you will want to relocate.

The New Job

Job relocation

Not all jobs are the same, even though they might look very much alike. For example, a company may not be that good at advertising their job openings and a spectacular job might fly under your radar. Conversely, a company with a great job ad policy will be able to make a bad job seem like the best thing in the world.

The point that we are trying to make here is that you always need to do your research before you accept any jobs, especially those that will take you to a whole new town or even abroad.

For one, you need to make sure that the new job is a long-term one and that it will make sense to uproot yourself and your family in order to get it. If it is a two-month gig that demands you move a thousand kilometres away, it might be better to decline the offer. You also need to make sure you will be able to advance in your new job and that the money you will be making justifies having to change your entire life.

Family and Friends

Friends and family when relocating

This is something that rarely gets considered when people consider relocating for jobs, but once they make a decision, they realise they should have paid more attention.

We are, of course, talking about family and friends. The emotional infrastructure, if you wish.

Namely, you simply have to think about how your loved ones will adapt to your relocation. Are you planning to take your family with you? Can you manage on the new salary? Do they want to leave their current town? Will the new town have the schools your children deserve? Will your spouse be able to find his or her place in the new town?

What about your friends? Are there ways of maintaining your relationships with them? Will you miss having friends? Keep in mind that making real friends takes a lot of time, especially once you reach a certain age. Do you need to have friends? Are you happier on your own and spending time with your family?

These are all extremely important questions that you need to answer before you take a job and relocate. You should never take a move easy if you are worried that your family will suffer.

Personal life is important and it is extremely difficult to be happy if there is something wrong on the personal front, no matter how great your new job is.

The New Town (or Country)

New environment

Another big factor in deciding whether to relocate for a job is your new destination. Often times, this will be a big upgrade over your current town as budding and innovative cities are more likely to need workers from outside. These are usually towns where the economic situation is a positive one and where the future is bright.

Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes these towns that invite workers from outside do it because they do not have the local workforce and they can often be basic places that have very little to offer to a newcomer.

If you are moving abroad for a job, there are even more things to consider. For example, you need to know what kind of visa you will be getting, how the immigration laws and authorities handle newcomers to the country and, in the end, how well the country in question accepts foreigners. In such situations, it is best to seek legal advice from experts in your destination country and town.

Doing a bit of research on your destination city is even more important if you have a family and especially if your children are attending school. Sometimes a job is not worth jeopardising your children’s education.

Closing Word

There are a number of factors that will help you decide whether you should relocate for a new job. The good news is that this easier done today than ever before thanks to the internet and websites like BrighterMonday that will provide you with all the advice you need.

Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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