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New Year Resolutions for Your Career Path

New Year Resolutions

Make Winning New Year Resolutions for Your Career

The year is over and you are reflecting on the months just gone. Your New Year resolution list is still fresh, but if it does not contain anything about your career, be advised that it is incomplete.

A new year often comes with re-energization and a desire to rise up the corporate ladder, switch career paths, pursue entrepreneurship or even get a pay rise. All these are hard earned and it’s no mean feat. The goals, however, need to be broken down into smaller ones for easy monitoring and review. The following are excellent resolutions that can propel your career

New year resolutions

Setting Goals

An achieving go-getter spends time planning or figuring out the direction they want their career path to take. They write down daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets they wish to meet.

Breaking down your goals helps you to keep a close eye on them and know when things are going right or wrong. It is not enough to say “I want a promotion this year.” Have a breakdown of actual actions and milestones that will help you achieve the main goal. They also take the time to regularly review what they have achieved so far. Reviews are meant to help you keep an eye at how things are turning out within a specific period. Planning ensures that you do not waiver along the way and lose track of your career objectives.

Image Building and Personal Branding

A lot of work goes into improving your self-image and personal brand. This can be achieved by updating your resume and social media profiles. If you want to pursue a career path in digital media, you should have an active online presence on LinkedIn or even write your own blog. Image building begins by changing your wardrobe if need be, gaining a new skill or pursuing a hobby that adds value to your overall career objective.

Personal branding, on the other hand, entails what you want to be known for. This is what will enable you to stand out in your chosen career path and grow. A personal brand helps you to be identified with your expertise and thus, you should strive to build a credible brand that identifies you as an expert in your field.



The tricky job search is often made easier by networking. You should purpose to attend conferences or professional events that add value to you. This way, you get to meet people with similar interests as you and you share knowledge and expertise, which can help you grow in your career. Joining a LinkedIn group, Facebook page or group or other online discussions is an excellent way of establishing networks. Take time to reconnect with friends, family and acquaintances that share in your career vision.Remember, your networks reflects on your net worth.



Mentors are pillars in career development. The best mentors often help you learn and grow by sharing their wisdom with you. These are also people who can help you navigate your career successfully and people you can turn to in times of difficulties.

Just as it’s important to find someone you respect to mentor you, it also important to mentor others. You don’t have to be in a formal leadership position or have years and years of experience to mentor someone else. This way, you also share knowledge and help others grow. Therefore, find a mentor in the new year and mentor someone else.


Plot out your days off, annual leaves and holidays and develop a plan for spacing out and focusing on activities that you really value. Taking some days off work will help you evaluate and review the progress of your career path. This way you can monitor what really works for you and stop sweating things that are not adding any value.

Gaining New Skills

In a world that is constantly changing, sticking to only what you know is suicidal to your career. Purpose to learn new things that pertain to your career. Perhaps it is time to take that professional course you have been dreaming about or pursue that Masters degree you have been planning for decades.

In the era of self-learning, you can also use resources that are in abundance online, to gain new skills that will eventually be instrumental in your career growth.

Challenge Yourself

New challenges

The whole purpose of making resolutions is so that you can improve yourself. However, you have to set realistic yet challenging goals. If, for example, you want to become the head of your department within the year, ensure that you set out to do things that will help you to rise. Do not limit yourself to the mundane. If you have been doing things inappropriately, this is the time to ensure that you get them right so that you can achieve your greater goal. Make sure that your goal pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Be Committed

It is not enough to set the most attractive goals on paper. If you do not make a deliberate attempt to achieve them. As part of setting your goals, make yourself accountable to yourself or another person if you cannot be accountable to yourself.

Commitment helps you to know when you need to put in more effort and actually helps you work towards your milestones without being reminded. That is why you need to ensure that you come up with realistic and achievable goals for your career. If you come up with crazy goals, you will not believe in them and you will not be committed to achieving them. Set realistic goals so that your commitment can remain steadfast.

The Resolutions You Need

These resolutions will go a long way in helping you achieve your set targets if followed to the letter. Their success, however, depends on your zeal and motivation to follow them. Remember to regularly conduct personal reviews, as it is the only way to tell if you are progressing in your career.

Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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