Shift into Neutral

Not all things in life are supposed to be black or white, positive or negative. There indeed is a neutral ground; a grey area. Sometimes in life you actually need to slow down and take a step back to take stock of everything. There are certain areas that cannot work without a neutral shift.


Career Growth

In regards to your goals, sometimes you need to maintain a neutral ground rather than leaning too hard to the left or right. This is especially applicable when you want your career to grow towards a particular direction. Growth is slow and steady. It requires routine and repetition.

You won’t see it happen, but you will one day realize that you can suddenly do things you couldn’t do before. Or your way of thinking and attitude is no longer the same. You might even realize that your levels of patience, tolerance and accommodative qualities are higher.

Hence, for you to grow, you need to become mundane and continuously put in work at that particular stage. When you morph into the next stage, switch to neutral again and put in work in readiness for growth into the next stage.


Handling Feedback

When handling feedback from people around you, be careful to maintain moderation. If people point out certain negative qualities in you like how overly harsh, judgmental, competitive you are, you need to take a step back.

Step out of your character or self and view the situation objectively. Identify the areas that need to change and make a conscious decision to begin working on it immediately. The reason why you need a neutral shift here is because this quality has been in you probably since your formative years when your personality begun developing.

You cannot wake up one day, wave a magic wand and vanquish these negative traits. It will take work, repetition and character alteration.All these can only happen when you are on neutral.


Neutral Shift as a Way of Life

Switching to the neutral makes you are calm, meditative and determined. During this time you can actually stop to smell the flowers and reflect on something bigger than yourself. It is then that you will realize the importance of silence. You will learn to think more, listen more, and watch more. You will then understand the importance of the neutral shift in your life.

Sarah Richson
Global HR Director – Techno Brain Group, overseeing 23 countries spread across Africa, USA, UK and Asia.
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