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Technology is Changing Job Hunt for Millennials

Job hunting the modern way

Remember the days of drafting your perfect CV, then going to a cyber cafe to print out as many copies as possible, before dropping them at the entrance or reception desks of as many offices as you could possibly imagine? Well, those were hard days for job seekers. For starters, those CVs were left at the guard’s desk and most never made it up to the intended person. The result? Days upon days of waiting for responses that never came, after spending so much money and time. Additionally, you most likely did not know anything about the company, apart from what was in the media. But, technology has changed all that. Here is how.

  1. Application for Jobs On the Go

Submitting job application

One thing that technology has changed in a big way is how people apply for jobs. No one really cares about hard copy applications nowadays. Okay, maybe an office that is located under a tree, deep in some non-descript village. But, modern employers ask you to apply for jobs online.

The beauty of technology is that you get to apply for jobs from wherever you are, whenever you want, with the rise of apps. We have the only app for job seekers in Kenya, the BrighterMonday app, which allows you to upload your CV and apply for jobs as soon as they arise, while on the go. In a world that is so technologically connected, millennials do not want to have to go offline to look for jobs. The result is increased innovation by employers, to make things easier and faster, for job seekers.

  1.   Searching for Jobs in Real Time

Job hunt for millennials

Back in the day, jobs only used to be advertised in the local dailies and those were just top positions. As such, those positions which did not qualify for such advertisement were only known through word of mouth. Needless to say, if you were not within earshot of the right people, you never got to learn about these jobs. So, most job seekers would randomly drop CVs in offices and pray that there was a vacancy. That was tiresome and expensive.

Enter technology and the game of guesswork and wasted time became a thing of the past. For millennials, all one has to do is go online and look for available jobs fitting their qualifications and skills. Better still, with the ability to create customised email alerts or push notifications on apps, you do not have to struggle looking for jobs that fit your skills because technology does it for you.

  1.     Availability of Freelance Opportunities

Freelance jobs

The craze of working from home is yet to die down. Everyone wants the convenience of working from wherever they please; at least that is what millennials want. Others don’t want to work for anyone and that is now possible with technology. Freelance or the gig economy is now a possibility thanks to technology. With just a computer and proper internet connection, you can now work for anyone across the globe, and this means many jobs for millennials. While job-hunting, millennials are now looking for freelance opportunities as well, made possible by technology.

  1.   Employer Profiling

Employer reviews

Closely related to freelancing is the ability to work from anywhere and collaborate with teams from across the globe. Technology has now made it possible for remote teams to work effectively from anywhere in the world, and this has meant more freedom for millennials. Most millennials do not want to be confined to an office all day long. Well, with technology, one can easily make reviews of the potential companies that they can work for and choose only those that allow their employees to work remotely. This is a win-win, as employers do not have to invest heavily in office space and resources.

On the other hand, job seekers can now find detailed information about employers online, which helps then decide whether they want to work for a particular employer or not. It is now common for job seekers to find online reviews about employers online, which has made the process of job hunting simple since they can filter out those employers with bad reviews.

  1.  Endless Possibilities with Social Media

Finding jobs through social media

We have all heard the bad rap that social media has had. From parents complaining about how millennials are glued to their phones due to social media, to being the new avenue for hate speech. The truth is, it is not all doom and gloom. Nowadays, you can find your next job through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly, LinkedIn. Employers have gone to where the people are and if you follow the right pages like BrighterMonday Kenya, you will always see posts about available opportunities. Social media is the new cool and if you use it right, then finding your next job might not be so hard after all.

Technology has really changed many things in today’s world, particularly in how we look and apply for jobs. With the rise of apps and social media, job seekers can now find suitable opportunities without having to walk all day long dropping CVs in numerous offices. With technology, there is no end to what people can now do.

Are you a millennial? How has technology helped your job hunt? Let us know what you think!

Njeri Karanja
Njeri is a reading and creative writing enthusiast who is neck-deep in research writing. She is well versed in researching and writing on various topics.
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