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Job interview Lessons from Valentine’s Day

The popular day in the calendar that lovers look forward to with the aim of showing deepest affection to each other is here again. It is a day when people go out of their way to impress their special someone with flowers, chocolate, loving messages, and gifts. Did you know that Valentine’s Day can gift you more than just sweet smelling roses and candlelit dinner? You can get insightful lessons on a  job interview to help you nail your next job.

Read on to find out how the art of courting closely resembles an interview setting and ride into the sunset with the job of your dream.


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You will begin planning for Valentine’s Day early. The knowledge you have on your partner will greatly influence the kind of venue you chose, the gifts and even the wording of the love message on the valentine’s card.

The same scenario applies to your job interviews. If you do not plan for a job interview, you plan to fail. You need to plan for the day by researching about the company, choosing your attire, practicing on common interview questions, and gathering all the required documentation into a neat file. Such planning helps build your confidence, appear professional and increases your chances of impressing the interview panel with well researched answers. Interviewers never forget a candidate who knew a little-known fact about their company, same way your partner would be thrilled that you got them ‘what they always wanted’ because you paid attention in earlier conversations.


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Be on your best behavior

There is no emphasizing this point enough. Throughout history, people have been known to lose out on great love opportunities by little deeds of misconduct. It is true, first impressions matter. This is because one is expected to tuck in all the loose end and rough edges to present the appealing side of themselves.

Did you know that your interview begins from the moment you step in the interviewer’s reception? How you talk and interact with the guard at the door, the receptionist and the tea-service lady who brings you that cup of coffee matters a lot to your employer. Most often than not, the employer gets feedback on your behavior from these individuals. So if you are the kind that ignores the guard, is rude to the receptionist, chews gum at the reception, talks loudly on phone etc., you could actually lose a job even before interviewing for it. Certainly no employer would want such a callous individual joining their team, no matter how qualified they might be.

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Dress the part

Have you ever looked around you on Valentine’s Day to see how people are dressed? There is no doubt that the day greatly influences people’s attire choice. There is a pop of color in every turn and you can swear that even the gentlemen have tried their best on this particular day.

Now, have you ever noticed how the interview panel is always strategically seated at a position where they can size you up as you walk in the interview room? This is because how you dress for an interview is part of the interview itself. Regardless of how casual the industry is or how ‘free’ the company seems to be on issues to do with dressing, always dress officially for an interview. Even that interviewer from in a not-so official industry needs to know that you are going to impress their client when the time comes to attend client meetings. Being in a professional attire allows the panel to listen to what you are saying without forming a bias on your personality or social background.


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Go for it!

Many people like making bold statements on Valentine’s Day. That is the day men explore their feminine sides and actually consider types and colors of roses, visit confectionary stores for exotic candy and bring out the gentleman in them. It is a known fact that flower, confectionary and hospitality industries hit abnormal profits on that single day. This is because people go all out that day.

On your interview day, bring you’re A-game. Present your best side to your interviewers because that probably the only chance you will get to showcase your skill set and experience. Carry all the documents required, be confident, be knowledgeable, and be ready to think on your feet to take any curve ball that may be thrown to you.


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Keep time

Your date on Valentine’s Day would be pretty upset if you were late for the date, despite the prevailing factors of weather and traffic. They expect that you took into account all factors before agreeing to meet them. Some people are so obsessed with timing such that you being late is tantamount to you standing them up.

Most interviewers put many tasks on hold to meet and interview you. When you show up minutes later than the agreed time sweating and heaving, you just lose marks on first impression. Showing up late for an interview might lead to the interviewer cancelling the interview altogether or deciding you are not what they want even if they still interview you. Arriving on time is part of what is assessed during an interview. So arrive on time, or better still arrive a few minutes earlier and use the time to calm down and familiarize with the surrounding.


Are there other ways you would compare Valentine’s Day to an interview set up? Let us know in the comment section.









Mueke Katwa
I have two years experience in Business Support which covers Human Resource as a function; and a lifelong passion in creative writing.
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