Job Summary

Education Level: CPA 111 Degree Experience: 3 - 4 years Position Reports to: Chief Accountant (CA)

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description


Supplier Ledger management

  1. Ensure that all goods supplied to the company have all documents required for authorization to be paid. Ie Authorized LPO, Supplier delivery note, GRN and invoice. 
  2. Ensure that the supplier statements always balance with the supplier ledger. All queries arising should be completely resolved. 
  3. A file should be maintained arranged alphabetically for all supplier statement matched to the supplier ledgers.
  4. Ensure that all invoices are keyed into the System and allocated to the correct expenses. Invoices that are vat able are recognized with VAT. Give alerts of vat able items being supplied without VAT registration and ensure that all supplier invoices have ETR’s.
  5. Ensure all unpaid and paid invoices are filed alphabetically and chronologically as per cheque numbers respectively to enable easier retrieval incase information is needed.
  6. Propose for expenses write backs in case of disagreements with suppliers on non-completion of work.
  7. Ensure suppliers are paid on time as par the agreed creditor days.
  8. Build strong supplier relationships that will enable negotiations for smooth running of the business.
  9. Ensure that all old supplier invoices are properly labeled and archived for 2 years back and can be retrieved in case of an in-depth audit.
  10. Maintain complete supplier data base with all the relevant statutory documentations eg PIN, Address, Email , Contact person, location, Price list.

Inventory Management

  1. Ensure that all goods being supplied to the company have authorized LPO’s and are supplied as per the specifications of the LPO in terms of size, quality, colour, design, quantity.
  2. Ensure that correspondences to suppliers are fully resolved as regards the goods supplied to the company. All excess supplies to the company are recognized through raising additional LPO’s and the quantity oversupplied does not exceed the stipulated limit.
  3. Ensure that quantities of supplied goods are verified and are linked to the LPO’s and thereafter to the supplier invoice awaiting payment.
  4. Ensure that the inventory in the store is accurately issued for production by performing regular checks of the issued stock through the system and also by performing regular spot checks resulting into a report that will bring out discrepancy areas.
  5. Ensure that all goods produced are sold through checking the goods receipt into the system and also regular spot checks to avoid pilferages.
  6. Compare all data in the system with the purchases day book to ensure completeness of the data in the system.
  7. Ensure that monthly stock takes are done, a variance report is generated and discussed. The way forward from the report is acted upon to avoid future discrepancies.
  8. Ensure that slow moving and obsolete stocks are pointed out and a way forward resolved on how to handle the stock.
  9. Check customer orders to ensure that what has been ordered is what has been invoiced.
  10. Ensure that the goods dispatched for the stores are as per the customer invoice.
  11. Ensure that all customer invoices after verification have an attached ETR.

Fixed Asset schedule and register management.

  1. Record of all existing assets and there cost prices, depreciation and the net book value are maintained.
  2. A departmentalized asset register is maintained and movements from one department to another is authorized and noted.
  3. Sale of any asset is recorded in the register and a disposal account maintained to establish the gain or loss on the asset.
  4. Ensure that all assets in the company are coded for easier reference and incase of stock taking it can easily be identified.
  5. Ensure that all new assets are coded, entered into the asset register and schedule and are allocated to its respective department.
  6. Identify asset that are obsolete which can be sold and issue the proposed list for discussion and authorization to look for a buyer. Ensure that the assets are sold.

Payroll and Statutory Management 

  1. Ensure that payroll changes from all departments are ready on or before 24th day of the month.
  2. Key in all the changes and present the payroll for approval on or before 26th day of the month.
  3. Ensure that all statutory including PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, VAT, HELB, NITA, Staff Loan Remittances, Welfare remittances  have been remitted as per the statutory dead line requirements.

Cash flow planning 

  1. Keep abreast of the incoming customer cheques and plan for the supplier and other payments accordingly in liaison with the CA.

Debt Collection

Stationery and Other departmental Suppliers and asset Management and custodian

  1. Ensure that the department does not run out of any stationery requirements. This is done by maintain stock records of the stationery and having reorder levels and ordering the stock at the right time. The stationery include Preprinted invoice paper, LPO’s, GRN’S, Invoices, Receipts, Continuous plain paper, Printer ink, box files, Spring files, pens, pencils etc
  2. Ensure all departmental assets are properly functioning this include. Printers, Computers, furniture, windows, blinders, shelves.
  3. All used stationery is well accounted for by ensuring that the new once are only signed for when the finished copy has been presented. Ensuring that the used copies are kept in archives chronologically arranged to aid future reference. This includes all other stationery except customer invoices and credit notes dully stamped by the customer.

Report writing on the above activities pointing areas of innovation and improvement.

  1. Reports on JD areas to be presented in the departmental meeting by every 5th day of the month.
  2. Reports on challenges encountered within the month, innovations, and suggestions of process improvements.
  3. Reports on deviations on budget and same time last year of the expenses.
  4. Any other duty allocated on need basis.

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