Job Summary

Investigating and solving customers problems which might be complex or long standing problems which have been passed on by account management

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description


The Client Service Manager will be responsible for:

  1. Operate as the liaison/ lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to clients
  2. Build and maintain strong long lasting Relationships with our clients
  3. Be able to establish a full network within clients organization i.e. finance,operations,logistics
  4. Work closely with finance to ensure clients are invoiced on time and debt collection
  5. Handle clients requests in efficient, timely manner
  6. Maintain communications with heads of other supporting departments.
  7. Develop and implement customer service policy for our account to managers.
  8. Keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with clients both key and accounts handled by account management team
  9. Analyzing statistics or other data to determine the levels of customer service in our organization.


  1. Investigating and solving customers problems which might be complex or long standing problems which have been passed on by account management
  2. Handle escalated issues and effective response to customer requests, problems and special needs which can extend to a global client base.
  3. Work closely with head of technical and head of operations to ensure that IVM checks are done in a timely manner and also that seal shortages are communicated to account managers so that the same can be relayed to affected clients in a timely manner
  4. Ensure that collections are done effectively across all clients both key and minor, in a timely manner to boost cash flow.
  5. Come up with a collection incentive matrix to ensure that account managers  do collections effectively and on time.
  6. Develop processes to identify customer problems and resolve them expeditiously and efficiently.
  7. Come up with a training timetable for the technical support team
  8. Analyze the after training contact reports from the technical support team, to enable us come up with a manual on common FMS issues that clients face on a day to day.
  9. Resolving issues or conflicts within client needs and contract terms by implementing plans and demonstrating excellent customer service principles.
  10. Follow up on the issues logged in the CRM to ensure that all issues raised by clients are closed.
  11. Work closely with Control Room to ensure that all the required reports to clients are sent daily and monitoring of  clients cargo is done efficiently
  12. Visit all the key clients periodically communicate to them bi weekly and also monitor through the CRM that the other accounts handled by account managers are visited and spoken to
  13. Dedicate last week of every month to visit all the stubborn clients in paying with the respective account managers.
  14. Any other duties within the scope of my work as may be assigned to me from time to time.

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