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Consultancy - End-Term Evaluation for Hand in Hand Eastern Africa & the Swiss Re Foundation Program

Job Summary

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiH EA) seeks the services of a team of qualified consultants to conduct an End Term Evaluation for the above 3-year project in Kenya. This evaluation is commissioned by HiH EA, in consultation with Hand in Hand International (HiHI), the Hand in Hand network's coordination and support office based in London.

  • Minimum Qualification: Masters
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Terms of Reference - End-Term Evaluation for Hand in Hand  Eastern Africa & the Swiss Re Foundation Program (Swiss Re cohort of entrepreneurs)



HiH EA is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya. HiH EA is working for the economic and social empowerment of its poorest citizens to enable program participants to lift themselves out of poverty and vulnerability. HiH EA is part of the Hand in Hand (HiH) network that seeks to reduce poverty through job creation. HiHI supports HiH EA in implementing its programs through donor reporting, capacity building, technical assistance, strategic guidance and oversight.

HiH EA works with the marginalized, vulnerable poor rural and peri-urban smallholder farmers (80% women) to help them lift themselves out of poverty through the power of entrepreneurship, coupled with the concept of green entrepreneurship for sustainability purposes.



The Swiss Re Foundation funded project is implemented in Kitui County, focusing on poverty reduction and an increase in climate resilience through supporting the creation or enhancement of environmentally sustainable micro-enterprises, including eco-enterprises. The project aimed to build targeted communities economic resilience to shocks through social enterprise so as to diversify their asset and income base.

The project also incorporated a quasi-experimental approach - recruiting six self help control groups to compare change between those who were members of the project and those who were not, to identify if any specific lessons could be extracted on the effectiveness of the Hand in Hand training approach.


Project Objectives:

  1. To mobilize and train 3,800 members; 3,040 women (80%) and 760 men (20%).
  2. To support the creation of 2,660 enterprises and 3,458 jobs, 30% being green enterprises and jobs.
  3. Increase the target beneficiaries' household income by up to 30%
  4. Improve target beneficiaries' understanding and adoption of green business practices



The main tasks of this mid-term assignment will be to review and assess the following items in the project implementation:

1. Did the project deliver all the programme outputs and outcomes as set out in the programme results table?

  • A key focus of the evaluation should be on: change in savings from baseline, change in incomes from baseline, change in adaptation of climate resilient practices and number of enterprises and jobs (including green enterprises and jobs) that can be confidently attributed to the programme.
  • Were there any challenges in meeting these targets?
  • How did change for those who were part of the programme compare to those who were part of the control groups? 

2. What was the enterprise survival rate for those beneficiaries who were recruited at the outset of the programme? (Noting any trends in why some enterprises survived and why others did not through case studies).

  • Can we compare this to the enterprise survival rate for those in the control groups? 

3. Will the impact/changes brought about by the project continue after project end?

  • What changed most for those who were part of the project?
  • Did anything change for those who were part of the control groups? 

4. What were the activities that the programme team undertook to ensure the sustainability of the changes of the programme, continued after programme exit?

5. What are the good practices that can be carried forward to other projects?

6. What recommendations do the evaluators have for similar projects in the future?

7. What are the lessons that can be learnt from the comparison group type pilot? Can you please identify areas of improvement going forward?



  • Applicants should outline suggested methodologies for answering the evaluation questions below which incorporate quantitative, qualitative primary and secondary research methods. Currently, the program team have a Management Information System which contains some relevant data related to some of the program output indicators. We expect the evaluators to validate the data that we have collected to report on our results.
  • There are outcome and output indicators that will require primary data collection. We expect the evaluators to build on some of our existing data collection tools to carry out this data collection.



  1. An End Term Evaluation Inception Plan which outlines in detail what the consultancy team will do.
  2. Development/redevelopment of primary data collection tool/s and an outline data collection plan.
  3. A presentation of draft findings to both the HiH EA and HiHI teams for discussion and feedback.
  4. An End Term Evaluation Report of approximately 40 pages or less.
  5. An Executive Summary of no more than 4 pages.
  6. Presentation of the End Term Evaluation to HiH EA/HiHI.



HiH EA and HiHI are requesting the consultants to submit proposals to respond to this Terms of Reference outlined above. We expect the consultancy firm or consultant to demonstrate the skills and experience outlined below (or equivalent):

  1. The consultant should have a minimum of 5 years' experience in field research and monitoring and evaluation of community projects
  2. Should demonstrate evidence of past relevant evaluation assignments in rural areas of Kenya and be able to provide examples as requested
  3. Proven track record in analytical report writing
  4. Proven track record on working with digital data collection approaches
  5. Experience of field work and data collection at household level in rural areas of Kenya
  6. Operational capacity in Kenya
  7. In-depth knowledge of climate change resilience enterprise development programs, involving the poor, rural entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers


The proposal should include the following:

  1. A short outline of evaluation approach, research design and methodology for the End Term Evaluation including how they propose to answer the research questions outlined above. (No more than 5 pages)
  2. A proposed process and timeframe for the End Term Evaluation setting out the phases, the number of consultants and the number of days.
  3. The anticipated challenges and dependencies affecting the implementation of the End Term Evaluation and how these should be addressed both by the consultants, HIH EA and HiHI.
  4. A summary of the skills and experience of the proposed lead consultant and the consultant(s) together with her/his CV showing relevant previous assignments and clients.
  5. A detailed fee quote and rationale for the lead consultant and an estimate for the costs of other consultant(s).



Electronic submission of proposals will be made to procurement@handinhandea.orq by 29th of August 2019 at 18:00 hours EAT. The lead consultant is asked to tender a proposal document of no more than 5 pages.



  • Advertisement and Tender bids deadline: 21st - 29th of August 2019
  • Review and scoring of applications: 29th - 30th of August 2019
  • Procurement meeting to appoint a consultant; 4th September 2019
  • Debrief meeting with selected consultants: 6th September 2019
  • Desk review of project documents by the consultant, submit the inception report containing refined methodology, agree timeframe, finalize End Term Evaluation plan and formulation of research tools: 6th - 13th September 2019
  • Finalization of research tools: by 17th September 2019
  • Enumerators training and data collection: 19th - 27th of September 2019

This timeline may be subject to minor changes with the successful appointment of a consultant.



The consultancy firm will provide a detailed budget summary splitting the consultant's fees and expenses. The terms of payment will be negotiated with the firm upon signing of the contract.

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