Job Summary

A Subject teacher will undertake the teaching of their subjects at the clients Leadership School, to promote genuine interest, enthusiasm and to aim for a high standard of achievement for all pupils within the school.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

Reports to: School Director

GENERAL SUMMARY: A Subject teacher will undertake the teaching of their subjects at the clients Leadership School, to promote genuine interest, enthusiasm and to aim for a high standard of achievement for all pupils within the school. They will adapt general education lessons and teach various subjects.  The teacher will be responsible to the Head of school for executing his/her teaching duties and responsibilities within the school.

They will outline goals and services for each student, hold successions meetings with the school social worker, counselors and parents/guardians. The teacher will also meet with school administrators, and counselors to discuss updates of the students when necessary. The teacher will have strong communication, exceptional organizational skills and have the ability to remain patient and focused in the face of exceptionally challenging circumstances. 


General Responsibilities:

  1. Liaise with the relevant persons concerning curriculum, schemes of work, teaching methods among other things.
  2. Teach a full range of subject areas, set and conduct tests.
  3. Discuss students’ progress with parents and guardians, administrators and other professionals as necessary.
  4. To attend Parents Meetings and discuss the academic progress of his/her pupils. 
  5. To assess and evaluate students’ educational progress and abilities.
  6. To write a detailed report on each pupil at the end of designated terms.
  7. To perform duties, as requested by the Director, for example, supervising the pupils outside the classroom e.g. lunch/break and other duties etc.
  8. To “cover” for any colleague who cannot attend school for any reason and to provide a cover sheet for colleagues if unable to attend school.
  9. To liaise with the support of a form tutor teacher regarding the individual requirements of children.
  10. To provide as required by the school’s policies detailed schemes of work and weekly planning and evaluation outlines.
  11. To keep his / her teaching room in order and display the pupils work frequently.
  12. To provide a bright and pleasant working environment in the classroom.
  13. To put up attractive displays of children’s work in designated boards around the school.
  14. To maintain productive working habits and discipline in the classroom.
  15. To develop children’s interests, abilities and coordination of using a variety of creative activities including art, sport and music
  16. To organize, attend and supervise school activities such as excursions, school concerts, camps and sporting events.
  17. To attend weekly Staff Meetings, as well as entire school meetings, and any other meetings that might be called.
  18. If required, to become a designated form tutor of a class and/or run an activity or club once a week.
  19. Any other duty that may be assigned by the School Director, Deputy Head of School or a member of the school management team.


Education and Work Experience:

  • A Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • 2+ years’ experience for Kenyan organization in a child-centric CBO, NGO or School environment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Fluency in English and Swahili.
  • Well-developed and mature professional interpersonal skills; ability to interact effectively with children, teenagers, donors, partners and colleagues at all organizational levels.
  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with appropriate discretion.
  • Ability to respond quickly and maintain composure during situations that impact the safety and security of children.
  • Ability to exercise judgment and discretion when making independent decisions. 

Additional Requirements:

  • An incident-free Children’s Check and National Police Check (Certificate of Good Conduct) is a strict condition of employment and must be provided at time of hire and updated on request, consistent with the organization’s risk management procedures. 
  • Consistent with the nature of this position, weekend and after-hours work is expected and required to meet organizational priorities.
  • Occasional outside normal travel may be required.
  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned to support coverage for other colleagues who are absent, on holiday or personal leave.

Working Conditions:

  • All Kenya-based positions are based in the Njabini office and subject to occasional interruptions in power and/or Internet access.
  • All of our programs and objectives serve children from preschool through young adults. Our workplace is thus regularly accessed and impacted by children. 

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