Job Summary

Ensures that the objectives and policies set by the Board are fully implemented, complied with and met

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Reports to:         Board of Directors

Provides supervision to:  Accountant, ICT Officer, Field Officers and Interns



  1. Optimal and efficiency of ACK Talent SACCO operations
  2. Grow Talent SACCO membership and customer base through outreach and expansion of field network
  3. Grow Talent SACCO Loan book in line with budget while sustaining high asset quality – 5%
  4. Grow Talent  SACCO Savings level to fund the portfolio growth
  5. Grow Talent SACCO funding base to supplement savings mobilized and bridge any funding gap
  6. Grow Talent SACCO non-interest income through product innovation
  7. Deliver and sustain distinct and exceptional customer experience unmatched in the market
  8. Be the official spokesperson and represent the SACCO in all forums while upholding the highest level of integrity.



Key tasks & outputs

Vision, Mission and SACCO purpose

  1. Ensures that the objectives and policies set by the Board are fully implemented, complied with and met
  2. Develops, monitors and implements annual and three year business plan
  3. Reports to the board regularly both in written and verbal form
  4. Develop with the board of directors key performance indicators 


  1. Heads the Management Team comprising of Accountant, Field Officers, ICT Officer, Office assistant and interns
  2. Offers day to day strategic planning in business growth and development
  3. Supervises the day to day SACCO operations through the field Officers/credit officers to ensure that targets set & agreed upon are met
  4. Principal advisor of the Talent SACCO Board on all matters in relation to the entire SACCO core business
  5. Exchanges information with peer General Managers and other financial institutions and secures an adequate information flow within the SACCO operations. 


  1. Develops, acquires and maintains the necessary grants, credit lines, and other financial and non-financial resources necessary to meet the SACCO’s objectives
  2. Develops realistic funding projections to meet the needs of the SACCO 

Financial Management

  1. Ensures that annual financial report and budgets are prepared for the board on time
  2. Recommends yearly budget for board approval and prudently manages Talent SACCO’s resources within those budget guidelines 

Risk Management

  1. Plans and ensures the implementation of an adequate and timely reporting system with focus on SACCO’s asset quality, liquidity, capital adequacy & provisioning
  2. Champions the efforts in managing loan delinquency by closely monitoring the zones and ensuring strict compliance to all policies and procedures
  3. Actively leads organizational response to the field with unacceptable portfolio quality 

Business Growth

  1. Growth of Talent SACCO membership base through outreach, attraction and retention strategies supported by expansion to new zones/dioceses.
  2. Growth of Talent SACCO loan portfolio in line with budget
  3. Champions the efforts in mobilizing savings from the members to fund growth
  4. Ensures that policies and procedures are applied consistently & uniformly across all field operations 


  1. Coordinates with the Board, Five Talents Kenya and Five Talents International to make sure that the SACCO is adequately facilitated from a capacity, liquidity and resource perspective
  2. Coordinates with the Board and Five Talents Kenya in planning personnel capacity of the SACCO
  3. Coordinates with MIS / IT Department in monitoring or reporting related issues, and resolves the issues at the soonest time possible 


  1. Generates primary business planning data
  2. Coordinates with the SACCO stakeholders in development of the SACCO’s business plan which guides operations
  3. Prepares annual operating plan consist with the business and Strategic Plan
  4. Ensures the SACCO operates under a current business plan at all time 

Marketing and Product development

  1. Collaborates and coordinates with key stakeholders to drive effective marketing and product initiatives at field level
  2. Develops proposals for further improvement of business generation, including concepts for new products and services;
  3. Coordinates with the staff and Board in the planning and initiation of promotional measures 

Operational Policy Formulation & procedures

  1. Proposes to the Board any changes or enhancements to the SACCO operations manual
  2. Ensures compliance to all existing regulations, policies and procedures across the business uniformly
  3. Oversees the implementation of the internal control systems, ensuring the smooth running of the business and safeguarding the SACCO’s assets;
  4. Follows-up with the concerned team members on any actions required from the SACCO operation as recommended by the audit findings;
  5. Resolves all issues within the framework of existing SASRA regulations and management decisions. 

Performance Management and staff development

  1. Ensures that the SACCO staff receive adequate training; Participates in development/ reviews of curriculum for training of the Field Officers;
  2. Collaborates closely with FTK in matters of training both new and in-service staff
  3. Undertakes performance appraisals and staff development plans for all supervised staff.
  4. Coordinates with the FTK and Board in planning personnel capacity of the branches;




  • Strategic management
  • Achieving results through people
  • Team and collaborative relationship building
  • Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly
  • Innovative and aggressive in business growth



  • Must be a committed leader upholding high standards of integrity
  • Analytical with a keen eye to spot business opportunities.
  • Perform other duties as required by the Board.



Knowledge and Technical Skills:

  • University Degree in economics, accounting or business administration. A Diploma is Cooperative Management is much desired.
  • Extensive experience (over 5 years) in SACCO/banking/microfinance credit and deposit taking operations.
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team
  • Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of rectitude
  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the SACCO Ideals and Core Values
  • Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach
  • Very good communication and marketing skills
  • Good knowledge in economic and financial disciplines
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills



  • Office environment:  Combination of typical office and field
  • Travel:  50% Domestic travel is required.
  • On call:  When called upon outside normal working hours

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