Development officer (community based project)

Job Summary

Hands Movement community development project 2019 entails boosting computer literacy and learning outcomes through the Kio Kit software. The movement is planning to work in two communities, one in urban Nairobi and another in rural Torosei in Kajiado County. The program will run for three months between June and August 2019.

  • Minimum Qualification: Unspecified
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description



Overall management of the projects

  • Maintain communication channels with Hands Movement managers and the target communities 
  • Manage the security and logistics of the Kio Kit
  • Manage the Hands Movement volunteers
  • Liaise with BRCK for update and maintenance of the Kio Kit software
  • Write proposals for financing and support for projects to present to potential donors

Overall Management of the Project

  • Come up with a schedule for activities for the next 3 months
  • Design a schedule for Kio-Sessions
  • Conduct the Kio sessions
  • Schedule training sessions for the teachers for the Kio Kit handling
  • Work with the teachers to deliver effective Kio-sessions
  • Collect data in each session
  • Prepare reports at the end of each session

Maintain communication channels

  • Communicate weekly to Hands Movement management on the progress of the project
  • Contact the website developer with monthly updates on the progress of the project
  • Make social media posts on our social media handles: Facebook and Instagram
  • Notify the Hands Movement volunteer group of upcoming activities
  • Notify the teachers in the target communities of the progress

Manage the security and logistics of the Kio Kit

  • The Kio kit is a very expensive device containing 40 tablets designed for computer aided learning in primary schools. It is also a heavy device weighing 40kgs.
  • As a program manager, you will be expected to carry the device to the community for each Kio-session and back to the Hands Movement headquarters afterwards.
  • Due to reasons already stated, the project manager can only be transported via private transport pre-arranged and budgeted in advanced.

Manage the Hands Movement Volunteers

  • Hands Movement has a pool of about 40 members who volunteer their services whenever they’re available. The role of the project manager is to contact them each time there’s an activity. Have them register in advance and allocate tasks to each of them.
  • Manage the logistics of linking up with them prior to and after the activity. 
  • Report back to the group at the end of each activity to keep them posted on the progress.

Liaise with BRCK for update and maintenance of the Kio Kit

  • BRCK Kenya is the manufacturer of the Kio Kit and responsible for software updates of the software in the tablets. Should there be any need to update any software or correct a malfunction, the project manager should contact a BRCK representative for assistance and correction.

Write Proposals on Prospective Projects that may require funding 

  • In the course of running the project new gaps will be identified. The project manager is expected to identify those gaps and come up with projects that offer potential solutions to the challenges identified. Thereafter the project manager is to draft proposals that the management will fine-tune and present to prospective investors. 

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