Infection Prevention Officer

Carolina For Kibera

Job Summary

To support the development, implementation, supervision & maintenance of an infection control environment to contribute to the quality of care and safety of patients, caretakers and staff.

  • Minimum Qualification: Certificate
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

Direct Report: Primary Healthcare Coordinator


Key Work Relationships (Internal):

·         Head of Programs

·         Primary Healthcare Coordinator

Key Work Relationships (External):

·         Government Agencies

·         Suppliers to CFK

·         Employment type: Contractor

Required Qualifications


·         Maintain and support the implementation of the standard precautions in health structures in all areas of the facility (sterilization, laundry and kitchen are included), in collaboration with each service activity staff in their area.

·         Use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

·         Hand Hygiene.

·         Prevention of accidental exposure to bodily fluids.

·         Safe and appropriate treatment of re-usable medical devices (including ensuring the correct procedures/protocols for sterilization and laundry are followed).

·         Waste management (waste segregation inside the structure).

·         Cleaning and disinfection of surface and environment.

·         Respiratory hygiene for staff, caretakers and patient.

·         Cleaning of IPC material and equipment.

Service Quality, Delivery and Maintenance:

·         Ensure adherence to aseptic care technique.

·         Ensure adherence to the correct use of antiseptics, disinfectants and detergents.

·         Preforms technical supervision and gives support to staff including sterilization, laundry and kitchen.

·         Manage flow of staff, visitors, patients, caretakers; equipment and materials; linen; and food.

·         Ensure that environmental standards in the facility are respected (for example bed spacing, number of hand washing stations etc.) in close collaboration with program staff.

·         Check the consumption and the quality of IPC material and equipment

Infection Control:

·         Participation in the Infection Control Committee (Hygiene committee) and follow up the Infection Control Action Plan:

·         Participate and Support development of an infection control plan in collaboration with the Infection Control Committee.

·         Monitor the implementation of the infection control action plan.


Facilities Control and Waste Management:

·         Water supply, quality and quantity.

·         Solid waste and waste water treatment/disposal.

·         Latrines and shower facilities.

·         Vector control.

·         Medical waste management.

·         Kitchen and laundry.

Meeting and reporting:

·         Report any irregularities to program manager.

·         Participate in project meetings as necessary.

·         Produce report with information & recommendations for the monthly medical reporting.

·         Preforms monitoring of IPC activities using existing tools such as adults, checklist, surveillance etc.

Specific objectives and activities linked to the context:

·         Responsible for packing and autoclaving of autoclavable instruments and other materials according to program protocols and autoclave manufacturers’ instructions.

·         The upkeep and maintenance of the sterilization room, autoclave, related materials and supplies.

·         Oversee the timely rotation of sterilized packets (oldest date used first; expired dates removed from usable supple) and materials.

Skills and Qualifications:

·         Certificate of infection prevention and control.

·         Previous experience working in the same capacity.

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