Job Summary

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the bakery plants and related equipment and to ensure equipment availability at all times. Supervises, controls, manages and leads the Bakery Maintenance staff to achieve optimum availability and efficiency of the bakery equipment.

  • Minimum Qualification: Certificate
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Department:  Bakery Unit

Reports to:  Bakery Manager

Work Location:   New Bakery, Kenya

Relationship:  Contract Employment

Remuneration:  Competitive


The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the bakery plants and related equipment and to ensure equipment availability at all times. Supervises, controls, manages and leads the Bakery Maintenance staff to achieve optimum availability and efficiency of the bakery equipment. Controls and measure all maintenance activities against targets and budgets. Measures, reports and take immediate corrective action on deviations regarding scheduled maintenance, downtimes, breakdowns, and equipment availability. Has a close working relationship with the Production Manager. Liaises with the central Procurement Department regarding the ordering and stocking of spares in order to ensure non-interrupted operations. Takes control and leads in any alterations, new installations and modifications to the plant.



Plant Maintenance and Upkeep

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for all plant maintenance and upkeep so as to ensure 24/7 operations.  This involves proper scheduling of planned maintenance. In instances of breakdown, is able to diligently repair affected areas and return the plant to full service. Records all readings/measurements as per the maintenance staff reports and as per the daily maintenance listing. Ensures that all maintenance is controlled and reported using the usage/logging sheet, both in hard and soft copy.

Stocks and Spares

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all required spares are adequately stocked and that efficient spares/replacements/materials are stocked for ongoing operations. Maintains the maintenance stores stock and consumables register and handles job cards and other information that documents the movement of spares. Ensures that spares and consumables are issued according to Job Cards. Generate spares, consumables and equipment requisitions and present these to the Bakery Manager for replenishment through the Procurement Department. Liaises regularly with the Procurement Department on outstanding spares and projected delivery times.

Maintenance Team Supervision

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for setting targets for the maintenance team and ensuring that all assigned tasks are completed satisfactorily to given time and quality standards. Take corrective action on any deviations. Identifies “problem” areas related to product and equipment and takes corrective action on them. Relays detail on maintenance team issues to the Bakery Manager. Issues Job cards to the maintenance staff as and when required.  Scrutinizes technician shift reports to understand what work has been done and carries out follow-up. Relays detail to Bakery Manager. Scrutinizes Production Supervisors shift reports and understands if any actions need to be taken.


The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for compiling and presenting all required Maintenance Reports to the Bakery Manager. Reports and analyzes variances against targets, budgets and forecasts and puts in place an action plan to correct any variances.  Assist with the compilation for the yearly operations and capital budgets.


The Candidate must possess a University degree or tertiary qualification in engineering (Mechanical and Electrical preferred). Must have at least 5 years of experience in a senior maintenance position within a FMCG factory environment and possess supervisory certification. Must be able to communicate successfully in both written and verbal format in the English (business) language, Preference for mastery of Swahili to enhance shop-floor communication. Should ideally be proficient in office administration, have computer literacy at an advance level and be able to use MS-Office for reports, presentations and spreadsheets. Must possess excellent telephone skills and conflict resolutions skills. Must be able to amicably solve production staff issues.


Technical Aptitude – Able to effectively repair and maintain all technical functions of the Bakery plant and equipment. Able to generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual technical reports as required

Self-Confidence – Confidence in own abilities and ability to direct others. Able to positively assert oneself in order to motivate team to achieve objectives.

Strong Plant Knowledge – possess sound understanding of all components of the plant and maintains confidence in ability to carry out maintenance and repair as required.

Integrity – Highest level of Integrity, above reproach and has never engaged in any level of conflict of interest, facilitating payments, bribery or other inappropriate or illegal activities.  Holds everyone in the organization to the same standard with a zero-tolerance policy.

Effective Supervisor and Delegation Skills – Has demonstrated effective supervisory capabilities reflecting sound and responsible judgment and decision-making. Can effectively delegate and maintain perspective and focus at the appropriate level, trusts and motivates and supports decision makers throughout the organization to succeed.

Problem Solving – Can assess technical problems that may arise and identify root causes, is able to quickly assess faults and find solutions. Comfortable and experienced in solving problems that stem from behavioral, systemic, cultural, process, technical, analytic, and environmental contributing factors.

Computer Literacy – Comfortable in using various software packages such as MS-Office (Word and Excel) in order to produce required technical and maintenance reports and to organize information.

Time Management – Very much aware of time factor in carrying out repairs and maintenance. Able to generate and explain reports in a timely manner.

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