Job Summary

Responsible for all production in the Bakery Unit during the production shift, reporting directly to the Production Manager, will be responsible for ensuring that all bakery production is carried out efficiently and effectively.

  • Minimum Qualification: Certificate
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Department:  Bakery Unit

Reports to:  Production Manager

No. direct Reports: Up to forty two (42)

Work Location:   New Bakery, Kenya

Relationship:  Contract Employment

Remuneration:  Competitive


Responsible for all production in the Bakery Unit during the production shift, reporting directly to the Production Manager, will be responsible for ensuring that all bakery production is carried out efficiently and effectively. Focus is on profitability and operational excellence of the production lines which contribute to the overall success of the business. It is the responsibility of the Production Shift Supervisor to ensure that the bakery contributes to the following operational objectives:

Meeting of Key Shift Production Targets to match Sales forecasts

Achieving Production KPIs around yield (loaves per standard weight bag) and plant throughput (loaves per hour based on oven capacity)

Ensuring that all production inputs are in place as required by production targets

Achieving HACCP standards

Ensuring reporting of any breakdowns or service requirements for plant equipment

Ensuring hygiene and sanitation standards are maintained at all times

Confirming that set quality and weight standards for all production lines are maintained

Ensuring that final product packaging and storage is coordinated seamlessly

Effective leadership in order to motivate bakery line employees


Ensuring Day-to-Day Shift Bakery Operations

The Production Shift Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the bakery production lines throughout the shift. Ensure that each production line across the operation (bread, buns, fried products, etc.) operating seamlessly throughout the shift. Responsible for all aspects of the baking process, including mixing, panning, proving, baking, packaging and crating. Reports on stock of raw materials to ensure that there is sufficient stock for production needs for a given shift. Able to scale production based on demand during a given shift. Ensure that essentials for production (power, water, generator, compressor, etc.) are all functioning. Ensure that all required staff are wearing protective equipment and clothing. Regularly review operational efficiencies, staffing levels and skills to ensure that operations are functioning optimally and raises issues to the Production Manager. Liaises with the Production Manager on all issues related to outsourced labour.

Daily Shift Production Leadership

Accountable to the Production Manager, the Production Shift Supervisor leads the bakery production team – including Mixers, Panners, Lidders, Fryers, Trolley Men, Oven Men, Packers, Craters and Cleaners - regularly reviewing efficiencies and motivating them to increase productivity and work effectiveness.   Regularly comes up with innovative new ideas and methods to improve production. Ensures that the team is focused on quality control, hygiene and sanitation. Inculcates a strong sense of pride and sense of purpose for employees, knowing that they are working in one of the most modern and efficient bakery operations in the region.

Planning and Forecasting

Works closely with the Production Manager to ensure that sufficient raw material and additives (fortification and relaxant) are in supply and are sufficient to supply any upcoming production runs.  Regularly reviews production costs, overheads and revenue for the bakery – understanding the impact of production and staffing issues on the bottom line. Production of monthly and annual production forecasts that factor in production and sales. Work closely with the Production Manager to ensure that production and sales are carefully aligned and that we only produce what can be absorbed by the market.

Driving Production Excellence

Drive the bakery production lines to ensure that targets for production are maintained and that product quality consistently meets required standards. Place focus on customer satisfaction in the end product as a means of enhancing brand recognition, reputation and loyalty. Put safety and environmental and manufacturing compliance at the forefront and ensure that production takes place in a clean and healthy work environment.   Create accountability across the entire production team, leading by example and motivating all bakery workers to perform.  Take action to mitigate any situations requiring management intervention. Always maintain an open channel of communication with the Production Manager and Maintenance Supervisor to make sure that production efficiency is maintained.


The Candidate must possess a post-secondary degree and have at least 5 years’ experience in manufacturing production (of which ideally at least 2 years’ experience as a Bakery or Factory Production Supervisor or equivalent role).  Candidate must have demonstrated capabilities and experience in management, supervision, with demonstrated increasing levels of scope, responsibility and complexity over their career.

Candidate should ideally be between the ages of 30 and 45 and must have a demonstrable track record of managing a production line with 100+ employees. Must have strong English language skills

Must also have a proven track record of identifying production efficiencies (factory processes, labour, etc.) and be able to implement cost savings measures in order to maximize the profitability of the organization.


Dependable and Motivational Leadership – Demonstrated leadership attributes; able to motivate, inspire members of the team.  Lives and demonstrates the principles and values of the Company on a daily basis; internally and in the external environment.  Able to motivate, inspire and create an image and direction for the workforce that is consistent with the Company and Business Unit mission, vision, values, strategies, norms of the organization.  Creates a high performing, creative, responsive and successful production operation.

Effective Decision Making – Understands Trade-offs, balance consideration of all factors, able to make decisions at the optimum combination of timing, impact and availability of information.  Understand the value of information concept and recognizes the need for a structured approach.  Able to weigh competing alternatives and points of view among key internal stakeholders in finding solutions.  Confident and resolute in moving forward once decisions are taken and driving consistent support across the organization.  Effective utilizes lookbacks and lessons learned to constructively impact future decisions.

Strong Planning, Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Forecasting Acumen – sound understanding of Production Planning and able to quickly grasp complex commercial concepts and identify opportunities, gaps and drive information and analytical support to effective decision making.  Responsible for regular weekly, monthly and annual reporting on product line performance. Keeping of all records related to inputs and outputs of the production lines. Able to effectively forecast production trends and requirements.

Integrity – Highest level of Integrity, above reproach and has never engaged in any level of conflict of interest, facilitating payments, bribery or other inappropriate or illegal activities.  Holds everyone in the organization to the same standard with a zero-tolerance policy.

Effective Management and Delegation – Has demonstrated effective management capabilities reflecting sound and responsible judgment and decision-making; intelligent risk-taking; commitment to business strategies, and protecting people and the environment; and vision, integrity, trustworthiness and dependability.  Has demonstrated abilities to motivate, empower and inspire ownership in others.   Can effectively delegate and maintain perspective and focus at the appropriate level, trusts and motivates and supports decision makers throughout the organization to succeed.

Problem Solving – Can assess problems that may arise during the production process and identify root causes, is able to quickly assess trends, conclusions and insights and find solutions. Comfortable and experienced in solving problems that stem from behavioral, systemic, cultural, process, technical, analytic, and environmental contributing factors.

Regulatory Compliance, Hygiene and Sanitation – Ensure that all regulatory compliance is met and maintained for all aspects of the production process. This includes adherence to quality control standards by the Kenya Bureau of Standards for end-products and packaging, compliance with health and safety regulations and ensuring that plant hygiene and sanitation standards are maintained at all times. All regulatory requirements for contracting and managing labour needs must also be maintained.

Sales and Customer Relations – Actively work with the Production Manager to ensure that production output satisfies market demand. Make creative suggestions on how to expand market share and develop new markets for products. Liaise with customers on all issues related to product complaints and scope for product improvement

Cost Savings – Always look at opportunities to implement cost savings measures across the operation. This should include finding greater production efficiencies, lowering overall production costs, efficient use of staffing and resources and all energy savings opportunities.

Communications, Presentation and Public Relations Skills – Seasoned and effective communicator, able to project authority, confidence and inspiration among members of the team. Is able to communicate the mission, direction and desired production output on a daily basis.

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