Senior Biomedical Engineer

Job Summary

The Senior Biomedical Engineer designs and develops medical products such as joint replacements or robotic surgical instruments, design or modify equipment for clients with special needs in a rehabilitation setting and manage the use of clinical equipment in a hospital.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

The Senior Biomedical Engineer will apply engineering principles and materials technology to healthcare.


Duties & Responsibilities
  • Using computer software and mathematical models to design, develop and test new materials, devices and equipment. This can involve programming electronics, building and evaluating prototypes, troubleshooting problems and rethinking the design until it works correctly.
  • Liaising with technicians and manufacturers to ensure the feasibility of a product in terms of design and economic viability
  • Conducting research to solve clinical problems using a variety of means to collate the necessary information, including questionnaires, interviews and group conferences
  • Working closely with other medical professionals, such as doctors and therapists as well as with end- users (patients and their carers)
  • Discussing and solving problems with manufacturing, quality, purchasing and marketing departments
  • Assessing the potential wider market for products or modifications suggested by health professionals or others
  • Arranging clinical trials of medical equipment
  • Writing and submitting daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Unit Head with respect to technical defaults, incident reports, wear and tear reports, servicing requirements etc
  • Investigating and reporting safety- related incidents
  • Proper grooming and use of P.P.Es to prevent injury
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by superiors from time to time

  1. Degree/ Masters in Medical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or its equivalent from a recognized institution
  2. Must have worked with CT Scan, MRI machines, Modular Theatre equipment, ICU equipment etc
  3. Minimum 5 years experience in Healthcare industry
  4. Excellent customer service skills
  5. Good interpersonal skills
  6. Good communication skills (both oral and written)

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