Job Summary

Surveyors make exact measurements and determine property boundaries. Provide data relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, elevation, or dimension of land or land features

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

Duties And Responsibilities
  1. Measure distances and angles between points on, above, and below the Earth’s surface
  2. Travel to locations and select known reference points to determine the exact location of important features
  3. Establish stake sites and official land and water boundaries
  4. Research land records, survey records, and land titles
  5. Look for evidence of previous boundaries to determine where boundary lines are located
  6. Record the results of surveying and verify the accuracy of data
  7. Prepare plots, maps, and reports
  8. Present findings to clients, government agencies, and others
  9. Take notes of land for deeds, leases, and other legal documents
  10. Provide expert testimony in court regarding survey work

Minimum requirements
  • Previous work experience in the same field
  • Degree in the relevant field is a must

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