C#, Sql Server - Windows developer - integrating GPS Hardware
Nairobi Full Time KSh 45,001 - 60,000
1 day ago

Job Summary

We are looking for a very technical C# coder, who will integrate GPS tracking protocols, and save the data into MS SQL server

Job Description

You will have at least 1 years commercial experience programming
You will have a university degree in computer programming.

You should love C# programming, and know C# very well.
You will be working in Console applications, and taking Binary, HEX or ASCII data from GPS tracking hardware, processing the data through various routines, and saving the data into an XML file which is posted to the Microsoft message queue, then picked up by another console app and running more complex sub routines

You will be working on an existing TCP LISTENER windows app, which monitors TCP ports, creates sockets, and processes data

The job is very technical, and if you are "front end web developer" this will probably be technically above you
Performance is key, we process thousands of records per second, so poorly written code will not be tolerated in our software house

You will be working within a team of good developers, and we are looking for someone technically capable who will hit the ground running, be a good problem solver, and wont get confused with very technical solutions

Salary will be in line with market rates depending on experience.
A complex technical test will be given, please DO NOT apply if you do not have the skills as this will result in instant rejection.

Please indicate how many years commercial experience you have programming on application