Bsc. Human Resource Management and Development

Offline study mode
Woodvale Grove Nairobi City
3 years
Jun 18 - Jun 18 2022

Course Description

At the centre of any organisation lies its people - and as a result, a career in Human Resource Management and Development can be an immensely fulfilling career for the student interested in the 'people' aspects of a business. On this programme, not only do you get a thorough grounding in the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding required in this challenging yet highly rewarding field, you also get the chance to develop reflective practices and critical thinking -essential attributes for the effective manager equipped to handle change.
The aim of this program is to enable the learners to earn a high level, specialist qualification, while also acquiring a skill set and expertise that could benefit any business environment. The degree program will prove invaluable to anyone wishing to succeed in the field of human resource management and development, and will enable learners to look forward to a rewarding career, a
good salary, and a challenging and interesting role with great promotional prospects.
In particular, learners shall develop a strategic perspective on human resource management and general management practice using the most recent case-studies and research. The programme will enhance the ability to evaluate and analyse evidence and implement appropriate solutions.
The programme also prepares learners for a career at senior management level through the development of enhanced personal and interpersonal skills. 

Price: MUR 139,000

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