Diploma In Monitoring And Evaluation

Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode
Nairobi, Kenya
May 01 - Aug 31 2020

Course Description

                         Module I

1.DIMAE001 :Project Planning & Management

2.DIMAE002 :Monitoring And Evaluation Design And Implementation

3.DIMAE003 :Participatory M&E

4. DIMAE004 :Results Based M&E

5.DIMAE005 :Project Management Governance And Accountability

6.DIMAE006 :Impact Assessment And Evaluation

                            Module II

7. DIMAE007: Social Research Methods

8.DIMAE008: Advocacy And Lobbying In Monitoring And Evaluation

9.DIMAE009: Proposal Writing

10.DIMAE010: Basic Statistics

11.DIMAE011: Gender In M&E

12.DIMAE012: Ethics In M&E

                    Module III

13.DIMAE013: Emerging Issues In M&E

14.DIMAE014: M&E Data Analysis

15.DIMAE015: M&E Report Writing And Presentation

16.DIMAE016: SDG&M&E

17.DIMAE017: Statistics Basic

18.DIMAE018: M&E Research Project

Price: KES 129,000

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Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode
Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode

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