Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure BUNDLE 2019

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410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year
Apr 09 - May 24 2021

Course Description

About this Course
In this course, we would explore various tools and services available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

We would be exploring the following Services in different categories:

  • STORAGE: Blob, File, Disk, Table, Queue, Data Lake, StorSimple, Archive, Backup.
  • CONTAINER: Docker, Kubernetes, Container Registry, AKS, Container Instance, Service Fabric Cluster
  • NETWORKING: DNS, Traffic Manager, Firewall, ExpressRoute, Virtual WAN, NSG (Network Security Group), VNet
  • DATABASE: SQL Database, CosmosDB, Data Warehouse
  • MACHINE LEARNING: Computer Vision, Custom Vision, Content Moderator, Translate, Text Analysis
  • CHATBOT: Simple, Web, Facebook, QnA, LUIS
  • ANALYTICS: Stream Analytics, HDInsight, Lake Analytics, Data Explorer, Databricks
  • DevOps: Boards, Artifact, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plan, Tool Integration, DevTest Labs, Application Insight, Azure
  • Organisation
  • SECURITY: Security Centre, Azure Active Directory, VPN Gateway, DDoS Protection, Key Vaults, Dedicated HSM, Application
  • Gateways, Sentinel, Information Protection
  • MIGRATION: Site Recovery, Database Migration, Migrate, Migration Project, DataBox
  • We would be learning concepts and methodologies with practical exercises. This course consists of multiple projects on various topics.

Basic requirement: No prerequisites at all. But if you are aware of some cloud-based or web development tools and technologies, it is helpful

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Storage Services
  3. Storage Project 1
  4. Host a Website on Cloud
  5. Other CLI options
  6. Container
  7. Networking
  8. Networking Projects
  9. Database
  10. PROJECT: CosmosDB
  11. PROJECT: SQL Database
  12. Devops
  13. Security
  14. Cloud Migration
  15. Develop Chatbot
  16. Analytics
  17. Project: Stream Analytics
  18. Project: HDInsight
  19. Machine Learning

Price: KES 20,400 4,080

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