Building Relationships For Success In Sales

Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode
Nairobi, Kenya
May 01 - Aug 31 2020

Course Description

Specific learning objectives will include:

  • The benefits of developing a support network of connections.
  • How building relationships can help you develop a solid business base.
  • How to apply communication techniques to build a contact network.
  • The key elements of strong working relationship, how to employ these elements in their working relationships, organizing their networks
  • Customer Focused Selling
  • Effort vs. Results
  • Influences at Work
  • Building Customer Connections
  • About Dale Carnegie
  • Carnegie’s Principles
  • The value of Active Listening and Asking the right Questions


Price: KES 6,000

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Finstock Evarsity
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Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode

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