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Woodvale Grove Nairobi City
Jun 18 - Jun 18 2020

Course Description

At Wits, Game Design courses can be taken in two specialist degree programmes: For students interested in creative production there is the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts, which is hosted in the Wits School of Arts. Catering for aspirant developers is a degree hosted in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Art – BEngSc (Digital Art).

The BEngSc (Digital Arts) is intended to produce graduates that can become specialist practitioners in the technological arena of software development within a game context. You will attend half of your courses in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering. Here you will do Physics, Maths, Electric Circuits, Software Development, and Electromagnetic Systems with Game Design as the core subject.

This degree aims to give you an introduction into both the hardware and software environments. A key focus of the course is the development of a portfolio of both analogue and digital games with which you can approach industry. For example, one of the more interesting avenues of exploration within the course entails the development and prototyping of alternative game controllers, using the knowledge you’ve garnered from circuitry as well as your programming skills to build alternative ways to interact with games, further enhancing the nature of play and exploration.

On completion of the degree you may wish to further your studies by pursuing an Honours in Digital Arts or by entering into the 3rd year of a professional Electrical and Information Engineering degree.

Course Outline

Acceptance is dependent on departmental selection procedures. Applicants are required to complete a written and graphic exercise and may be required to attend an interview. Applicants with a Wits APS of 34 and above may be accepted on this basis. Applicants with a Wits APS of between 29 and 33 may only be considered on the basis of exceptional exercise scores. The selection process for the BAS is conducted by a panel of senior academics from the School of Architecture and Planning, monitored by the Assistant Dean. Selection is based predominantly on performance against the selection exercise, interview and academic performance, although demographic balance is taken into consideration where a choice needs to be made between applicants scoring within the same range.

Career Outcomes

  • Game design
  • Software engineering
  • Software development
  • Hardware prototyping

Price: ZAR 47,100

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