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ISA Africa
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ISA Africa. Woodlands Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
Jun 18 - Jun 18 2020

Course Description

Marketing Practitioner

This course target brand and marketing practitioners who need a working understanding of Digital Marketing either because they will work closely with Digital Marketers or because they are required to have a basic understanding of the role. It also targets entry level Digital Marketing practitioners who want to develop a profession in this field.

Role in Summary
The Digital Marketing Practitioner develops digital marketing plans, designs campaigns, identifies digital tools to be used for specific digital marketing campaigns and monitors progress of such digital campaigns.

By gaining insight into the behaviour of online consumers, one is able to advise marketing/ brand practitioners, how to appeal to the online community for the purpose of building brands and businesses online. They will also be participating proactively in promoting the profile and reputation of their clients or businesses.


The work of a digital marketing practitioner (DMP) is likely to vary company to company depending on the sector or industry he/she is working in.
Digital agencies often analyse, design, execute and monitor digital marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients in various industry sectors, such as consumer, business-to-business (B2B), financial or healthcare, etc.

Tasks typically involve:

Identifying the requirements for building a brand and/or business using digital marketing
Monitoring digital marketing activities as they affect brands or businesses.
Analysing digital marketing activities
Recommending digital marketing solutions for continuous improvements in the execution of digital marketing campaigns
Developing digital marketing processes for organisations
Developing a comprehensive digital marketing brief
Recruiting teams to develop and execute a global digital marketing plan
Identifying the tools to execute digital marketing campaigns.
Developing tools for testing brand campaign concepts before, during and after implementation.
Identifying the appropriate technologies within the complex ecosystem of online advertising that can be used by companies to run digital marketing campaigns
Advising colleagues and clients on marketing automation landscape, software platforms and technologies that can be used by marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and for automating repetitive tasks.

Course Outline

The topics include;
  • Keys to a successful career/ Emotional Intelligence
  • Principles of Account Handling
  • Presentation skills
  • Team Dynamics and Handling Conflict
  • Decision Making & Stress Management
  • Selling Techniques
  • Negotiation skills
  • Self-regulation and Time management
  • Managing projects
  • Personal Branding and CV writing

Contact hours : 24 hours
Group Work : 10 hours
Assignment :3 hours (Presentation)
Study hours : 30 hours
Teaching Pattern : Lectures + videos + case studies + group work presentation

Career Outcomes

Learning Outcomes
On completion, the student will:

Understand what is meant by digital marketing
Understand the key factors that influence the digital consumer
Understand the key digital marketing communications tools
Understand how to develop digital marketing content
Develop digital marketing campaigns
Understanding Digital Marketing vis a vis traditional marketing
The digital crowd and the Internet
Digital Consumer behaviour
Online buying vis a vis offline buying
Research for online consumers
Content based Digital Marketing
Social Networks. Best practise
Search based digital Marketing
Mobile Digital Communication
The Digital Marketing Mix and Campaign development
Metrics in Digital Marketing Campaigns
Collecting and using data
Course Prerequisites
Under graduate degree and / or experience in marketing or brand communications for at least one year

Participants will be assessed through a combined individual and group presentation, based on a brand of choice.
Refer to evaluation score sheet for marking criteria.

Added Value
Participants taking this as a short course will also have the option of attending Account Management and Life Skills classes at a discounted additional fee. 
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Price: KES 55,100

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