Diploma In Criminology And Security Management

Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode
Nairobi, Kenya
May 01 - Aug 31 2020

Course Description


                 Module I

1.DCSM101: Security management

2.DCSM102: Forensic Criminology

3.DCSM103: Physical Security

4.DCSM104: Crime prevention

5.DCSM105: Information security management

6.DCSM106: Psychology of Criminal Behaviour

                      Module II

7. DCSM107: Criminal law

8. DCSM108: Law of evidence

9.DCSM109 Principles of management

10.DCSM110. Criminology

11. DCSM111 :Public relations & communication

12.DCSM112: Occupational safety & health

                  Module III

 13.DCSM113: Sociology

14.DCSM114: Communication Skills

15.DCSM115: Juvenile Delinquency

16.DCSM116: Finger Printing

17.DCSM117: Crime Analysis

18.DCSM118 :Personal Development

Price: KES 111,000

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Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode
Finstock Evarsity
Online study mode

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