Diploma in Retail Marketing Management and Customer Relations

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Course Description

Professional training for owners, managers and staff of retail businesses, to ensure success in the modern and fast-moving world of retail commerce, in which customers’ demands and expectations are constantly changing and evolving.
This Program explains about the wide range of activities which must be planned and undertaken by retailers to promote awareness and increase sales of the products in which the business deals, and to satisfy its customers.  The Program explains the differences between retail marketing and other types of marketing due to the special components of the retail trade, such as selling finished goods in small quantities to consumers or end users, traditionally from a fixed location; it teaches about retail marketing and how to make use of the common principles of the marketing mix such as product, price, place and promotion; and it includes insightful tuition on store location, layout, design, effective merchandising strategies, consumer psychology and behaviour, product purchases, communications, branding and advertising.  It also covers modern e-commerce and e-tailing, and the importance of good, effective customer relations, and uniquely it covers the recruitment, training and  supervison of sales personnel to ensure constant customer satisfaction, and to maintain excellent relations with - and ongoing sales to - both existing and potential customers.

Mode of Study: Distance Learning

Course: Intake Ongoing!

Course Outline

At the end of the course you will be able to know:
  • Module 1 - Evolution of Modern Retailing 
Products, customers, consumers; shops, stores, showrooms; types of retail organizations; the market and marketing; makes and brands; merchandise; the distribution chain and channels; intermediaries, retailers and wholesalers; franchising

  • Module 2 - Retail Management & Personnel 
Retail business ownership; organisational structure; the range, jobs, positions, duties and responsibilities of staff

  • Module 3 - Consumer Behaviour & Psychology 
Factors affecting consumer behaviour; buying motives; consumer psychology; consumer research; market segmentation; substitutability, features and benefits of products; corporate buyers

  • Module 4 - Retail Sales Premises 
Types of retail premises, shopping areas, business and commercial districts, malls; store location decisions, macro factors, micro factors; retail site selection considerations and factors

  • Module 5 - Operating & Managing a Retail Business; Retail Store Layout & Fittings 
Customer and traffic flow; aisles and endcaps; common stores floor layouts; stages in floor planning; product mapping; zone design, lighting, signage, displays, safety and security considerations; Inventory management. Store security, insurance.

  • Module 6 - Retail Marketing Strategy, Product & Brand Management 
Brand identity and branding image, retail marketing, the marketing mix, the promotional mix; SWOT analysis, economic conditions, strategic marketing, increasing market share, market development, product development, diversification; product life cycle; choosing between competitive products
  • Module 7 - Financial Matters, Pricing Strategies
Mission statements, plans and planning, forecasting, budgeting and budgetary control, cash flow, credit sales, discounts, return on investment (ROI); sales turnover, price setting; product demand, luxury products and necessities, psychological attitude of consumers; margin and mark-up; pricing strategies, price sensitivity

  • Module 8 - Retail Buying and Merchandising
Retail sales forecasting and budget planning; buying and merchandising roles, centralised and decentralised buying; branded, designer and own-label merchandise, retail buying cycle; retail buying for online and mail order businesses; supply chain management, warehouse and inventory management
  • Module 9 - HR Management in the Retail Sector 
HR management, human relations, interpersonal skills; staff turnover, diversity, recruitment, selection, trial periods, induction or orientation; duties of sales assistants; training retail personnel; sales demonstrations; motivation; related sales, cross-selling, ongoing sales, customer loyalty

  • Module 10 - Customer Service and Consumer Relations 
Policies covering interactions with customers; developing excellent customer services; customer satisfaction; approaches to customers; recognising buying motives, concluding a transaction, customer support, after sale service, handling customers’ complaints, customer service personnel and relationship management, customer relationship life cycle

  • Module 11 - Retail Marketing Communication 
Target audiences, communications devices, components of communications; retail advertising and publicity; retail marketing communication strategies, public relations, direct marketing, retail marketing communications via digital and social media: viral marketing, varieties of web-based adverts; relationship advertising, image building.

  • Module 12 - E-commerce and E-tailing 
Websites and webtraffic, what e-commerce involves, characteristics of successful e-tailing, advantages and disadvantages; website design, structure and navigation search engines, web browsers, internet marketing; social media and viral marketing

Admission Requirements
University Degree or
Diploma or
KCSE C- and above

Price: KES 63,200

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