Diploma on Supervisory Management

Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd
Blended study mode
Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
1 year
Jun 18 - Jun 18 2020

Course Description

A program designed specifically to provide all staff, supervisors, foremen and managers with the training and skills need to effectively manage groups and individuals

This Program is for current and aspiring foremen, supervisors or managers; it provides a thorough, practical introduction to the techniques and skills needed to effectively manage subordinates, as individuals and in groups, so they work well and willingly as a team to achieve organisational objectives.  The Program provides skills and knowledge which are easy to understand and put into practice; this training is ideal for people seeking successful careers in supervision, or who are aiming for promotion to higher supervisory posts, and for progress to higher studies.

Mode of Study: Distance Learning
Course intake:Ongoing!!

Course Outline

At the end of this course you will be able to know:
  • The meaning and management of human and material resources, management activity.
  • The relationship between employers and employees, the link between work and pay.
  • Supervising the workforce, training people, setting and communication organisational goals.
  • Teamwork, supervising, leading, planning, forecasting and organizing.
  • Motivation and setting standards, ensuring good performance.
  • Types of management responsibility - to the organisation and for subordinates. 
  • The different types of companies and businesses.
  • The meaning of authority, the delegation process, supervising and monitoring performance.
  • Decision-making by managers and staff.
  • Business organisation, the division  and specialization of labour, forming workgroups.
  • Work structures; line, function and staff organisations; creating and updating company charts.
  • Communication: two-way, the effects on motivation and benefits of good communication.
  • Communication lines and channels; horizontal and vertical, oral, written, unspoken.
  • HR activity, internal and external recruitment; job analysis, advertising jobs.
  • Dealing with job applications, the selection and appointment process.
  • Supervising new employees and introducing them to the workplace.
  • Induction, job training, employee development.
  • Managing the work environment.
  • Employee counselling, disciplinary action, equal opportunity policy, matters regarding promotion.
  • Trade unions and staff associations.
  • Carrying out job evaluation, grading and ranking jobs; job design, job rotation, job enlargement. 
  • Retaining employees; dealing with labour turnover, resignations, dismissal, redundancy.
  • Accidents and health & safety at work

Admission Requirements
University Degree or
Diploma or
KCSE C- and above

Price: KES 63,200

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