Diploma on Supply Chain Strategy & Organisation

Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd
Blended study mode
Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
1 year
Jun 19 - Jun 19 2020

Course Description

Effective supply chain management is essential for business growth and prosperity, generating sales, penetrating new markets, increasing market-share, reducing costs, and ensuring customer satisfaction, and in turn increasing profits - this Program teaches how to organise and manage the supply chain to achieve those aims.  This Program concentrates on the vital supply chain functions of planning, forecasting, inventory strategy and policy, and explains how to make the right, effective decisions needed for success.  It deals with scheduling, storage, facility location, network planning and implementation, logistics and supply chain organisation and control.

Mode of Study: Distance Learning

Course Intake: Ongoing

Course Outline

At the end of this course you will be able to know:
  • Forecasting supply chain requirements, methods and techniques of forecasting.
  • Problems and uncertainties of predicting supply needs, collaborative forecasting.
  • Ensuring flexibility and quick response in supply chain management. 
  • Variations in demand, controlling lead times, dealing with prices and costs.
  • Monitoring, noting and assessing trends.
  • Inventory control and policy decisions, deciding upon inventory location points.
  • Managing the flows of goods and services.
  • Inventory appraisal and monitoring, categories and types of inventory.
  • The objectives of holding inventory, pull and push inventory systems.
  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP).
  • Pipeline inventories, aggregate control of inventories, supply-driven inventory control, virtual inventories. 
  • Purchasing and supply scheduling, the decisions involved, storage and handling systems, costs. 
  • Mathematical models relating to purchasing, supply and scheduling.
  • Facility and site selection - the factors involved.
  • Planning, design and operational needs of sites and warehouses.
  • Materials handling systems, planning and designing them.
  • Location strategy and decisions, single and multiple facilities location.
  • Factories, dynamic warehouse location, design and control of channels.
  • Network planning and product flows: data sources and checklists.
  • Logistics research, tools for analysis in network planning.
  • Facility costs and their capacity; the configuration of networks.
  • Bench marking and quality, monitoring efficiency.
  • Supply chain organisation and control: the differing choices.
  • Orientation and positioning of the supply chain.
  • Inter-functional and inter-organisational management, and integrated planning.
  • The control process; managing, developing and understanding the control framework.
  • Data measurement and analysis relating to the supply chain. 
Admission Requirements
  • University Degree or
  • Diploma or
  • KCSE C- and above

Price: KES 63,200

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