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Apr 03 - May 18 2021

Course Description

About this Course
In this course, we’ll teach you how to use some of the same techniques that companies like Apple use to deliver high-quality software, to quickly design and deliver high-quality learning solutions.

The techniques that we’ll cover in this class are not just theoretical. They are based on the real-life experiences of training professionals and learning organizations that have made the switch from ISD to Agile.

These organizations and individuals were able to reduce the time required to develop and deliver training solutions, achieve world-class customer satisfaction scores, and enjoy increased employee engagement scores. More importantly, agile allowed these organizations to align learning outputs with business strategy and gain the trust and admiration of their business stakeholders.

We’ve divided this course into 5 sections.

In section 1 we provide you with a background of agile so that you can become familiar with its philosophy and terminology

In Section 2 we teach you how to assess your organization to determine if your team is ready for agile.

In Section 3 we teach you to step by step how to design and develop your training programs using agile.

In Section 4 we cover how to determine if Agile is working and how to report the results to your business stakeholders, finally

In Section 5 we focus on leadership. In this section, we’ll teach you how to lead an agile learning team.

As a learning development professional who’s spent more years than I’d like to count trying to find ways of demonstrating the value of my team's learning solutions to business stakeholders, I can tell you first hand that Agile is a game-changer.

I’m sure that this course will help you learn new ways to develop fast, good, and cheap learning content.

Basic Requirments

  • Students interested in this course should have a basic understanding of instructional system design (ISD)

Course Outline

  1. An Introduction To Agile
  2. Assessing Your Organization (How to Determine if Your Team is Ready For Agile)
  3. Using Agile To Develop Fast, Good & Cheap Learning Content
  4. How To Determine if Agile is Working?
  5. Agile Leadership for Trainers

Price: KES 5,100 1,020

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