Hospitality Sales and Marketing

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Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
3 months
May 31 - Nov 30 2020

Course Description

This course is designed to provide learners with a solid background in hospitality sales and marketing. The course’s main focus is on practical sales techniques for selling to targeted markets.

Course Intake: Ongoing!

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales; 
  • The Marketing Plan: The Cornerstone of Sales; 
  • Managing the Marketing and Sales Office; 
  • Personal Sales; 
  • Telephone Sales; 
  • Internal Marketing and Sales;
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Publicity; 
  • Marketing to Business Travelers; 
  • Marketing to Leisure Travelers; 
  • Marketing to Travel Agents;
  • Marketing to Meeting Planners; 
  • Marketing to Special Segments;
  • Marketing Restaurants and Lounges; 
  • Marketing Catered Events and
  • Meeting Rooms.

Career Outcomes

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Distinguish marketing from sales and identify trends that affect marketing and sales in the hospitality industry.
  • Identify and describe the key steps of a marketing plan.
  • Summarize the duties and responsibilities of positions typically found in a hotel marketing and sales office.
  • Describe the five steps of a presentation sales call.
  • Explain the basics of effective telephone communication and describe various types of outgoing and incoming telephone calls related to the marketing and sales function.
  • Describe internal marketing and sales.
  • Explain the role of advertising, public relations, and publicity in reaching prospective guests.
  • Summarize how hospitality properties are meeting the needs of business travelers.
  • Explain how hospitality properties are meeting the needs of leisure travelers.
  • Describe travel agencies and the travelers they serve.
  • Summarize how hotels market and sell to meeting planners.
  • Identify considerations for marketing hospitality products and services to international travelers and other special segments such as honeymooners, sports teams, and government travelers.
  • Summarize trends affecting the food and beverage industry, and describe positioning strategies and techniques for restaurants and lounges.
  • Explain how hotels market and sell catered events and meeting rooms.

Price: USD 450

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