Introduction to MicroPython using the Pyboard

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Apr 09 - May 24 2021

Course Description

About this Course
This beginner-level course has twin objectives: -

  • Introduce you to the Pyboard
  • Introduce you to MicroPython
  • By the end of this course, you would have developed a firm grasp of the hardware capabilities of the Pyboard and learned to program it using MicroPython. We assume passing familiarity with the Python Programming language on the part of the learner.

Other than hardware and embedded enthusiasts, this course is also designed to be a gateway to embedded programming for folks coming from hardcore programming background with zero knowledge of electronic development boards. We think hobbyists and hardcore engineers (hardware and software) alike will learn much from this course.

Basic Requirements

  • To get maximum value out of this course, you should have at least a basic knowledge of programming principles
  • Familiarity with Python will help you to follow this course easily
  • You will also need to know some of the basic electronic concepts and experience with microcontroller boards like Arduino will help you in following this course.

Course Outline

  1. Getting started with MicroPython and the Pyboard
  2. What is MicroPython?
  3. The Pyboard
  4. Experimenting with the Pyboard features
  5. Hands-on Projects

Price: KES 5,100 1,020

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