Investing: Never Lose Capital Again

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410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year
Apr 28 - Jun 12 2021

Course Description

By investing 52 minutes in the class, you'll learn that its impossible to lose money while investing and no matter what happens, you'll become wealthy in the long run.

You will learn how much money is required to attain financial independence today
Different asset classes to consider for investment
Will learn how to invest to never lose money again
Will know how money has been made in the last 15-20 years
Housing decision simplified
How different asset classes have performed in the last 20 years
Note: most of the examples & numbers would be from Indian financial market but the fundamentals do apply across the globe

Basic requirements
5th Grade Mathematics
What will you learn
Will Learn How Much Money is Required to attain Financial Independence
Different Asset Classes To Consider For Investment
Will Learn How To Invest To Never Lose Money Again
Will Know How Money Has Been Made In Last 15-20 Years
Housing: Buying Vs Renting Simplified
How Different Asset Classes Have Performed In Last 20 Years
Financial Management
Retirement Planning
Indian Housing Bubble

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Compounding Machine
  3. Watch The Basket !
  4. Alternative Investments
  5. Expenses To Look Out For

Price: KES 1,610 322

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Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year
Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year

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