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Apr 09 - May 24 2021

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About this Course
This course, named "Learn VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in a Day" is designed to teach you with practical training of hardware and software, withdrawing, circuit details and more details. Complete practical training courses from the basic level to understand and make concepts better. The duration of this course "Learn VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in a week" is one day only.

​Complete Practical Training On Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). We, Will, Use Delta VFD To Train You Completely About Working Of VFD, Operation And Control. ​A variable-frequency drive, variable speed drive, AC drive, microdrive or inverter drive) is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. VFDs (variable frequency drive) are used in applications ranging from small appliances to large compressors. About 25% of the world's electrical energy is consumed by electric motors in industrial applications, which can be more efficient when using VFDs (variable frequency drive) in centrifugal load service; however, VFDs' global market penetration for all applications is relatively small.

Over the last four decades, adroitness electronics technology has condensed VFD cost and size and has enlarged moving pictures through advances in semiconductor switching devices, goal topologies, cartoon and run techniques, and control hardware and software. VFDs are made in a number of different low- and medium-voltage AC-AC and DC-AC topologies.

Basic requirement: You should have the basic knowledge of electrical technology, voltage, current and electrical drawing

Course Outline

  1. Basic Understanding of Delta VFD
  2. Delta VFD Functions and How to use them
  3. Advanced Functions of Delta VFD - Part 1
  4. Advanced Functions of Delta VFD - Part 2
  5. Advanced Functions of Delta VFD - Part 5

Price: KES 7,650 1,530

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