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Apr 28 - Jun 12 2021

Course Description

Project Management Techniques for Work and Home provides students, small business owners, and others an understanding of how the project management process works, how to apply the processes to work and how to incorporate them into their personal projects.

The lectures take the student through the Project Management Process with an emphasis on how the process can be used to manage efficiently home projects and help individuals perform well in project meetings. First, an understanding of the importance of Project Management and overall process is presented. This is followed by details of each part of the process. Each section concludes with a summary of what was presented along with insights into what Project Managers expect. The course ends with examples of work and home applications of the techniques.

Basic knowledge
Basic math skills, software to open PDFs, desire to learn new skills

What will you learn
How to talk intelligently with managers concerning project management terminology
Understand why managers are asking for information to plan and execute a project
Apply project management techniques to their personal goals and projects
Execute a project using the project management process. Learn what a project manager does

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. The Initiate Phase
  3. The Planning Phase
  4. Execute, Monitor, and Control Phases
  5. How to Close
  6. Home Use Examples

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Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year
Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year

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