Management of Food And Beverage Operations

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3 months
May 31 - Dec 31 2020

Course Description

This course will give learners an understanding of the management process in food and beverage operations. All aspects of food and beverage operations are covered, including organization, marketing, menus, costs and pricing, production, service, safety, and finances.
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Course Outline

  • The Food Service Industry; 
  • Organization of Food and Beverage Operations; 
  • Fundamentals of Management; 
  • Food and Beverage Marketing; 
  • Nutrition for Food Service Operations; 
  • The Menu; Standard Product Costs and Pricing Strategies; 
  • Preparing for Production; 
  • Production; 
  • Food and Beverage Service; 
  • Sanitation & Safety; 
  • Facility Design, Layout, and Equipment; 
  • Financial Management.

Career Outcomes

On completion of this course you will be able to:
  • Explain the difference between commercial and noncommercial food service operations, and describe examples of each.
  • Describe the three levels of management and identify the various production and service positions in a food and beverage operation.
  • Explain organization charts and the various organizational structures of food and beverage operations.
  • Describe the steps involved in the management process, and describe the manager’s responsibilities to the primary and secondary groups of people with whom he or she typically interacts.
  • Explain marketing in terms of providing guest-pleasing service, and discuss the elements and importance of feasibility studies, marketing research, and marketing plans.
  • Discuss nutrition and special dietary concerns as they relate to the food service industry, and contrast the nutritional concerns and obligations of commercial and noncommercial operations.
  • Describe menu pricing styles, menu schedules, menu types, and the menu planning process.
  • Explain how the menu dictates operations in a food and beverage establishment, and describe its importance as a marketing tool.
  • Explain how to create and use standard recipes.
  • Determine standard food and beverage costs, and describe the main subjective and objective pricing methods.
  • Describe the roles purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing play in food and beverage service, and describe the role of technology in these processes.
  • Explain how technology is affecting food and beverage advertising and changing the way guests place food and beverage orders.
  • Identify the major functions and basic principles of food production.
  • Describe the uses of and major production methods for various food products used in food service operations.
  • Identify and describe the types of service that food and beverage operations can provide, and explain how to provide excellent guest service.
  • Identify environmental construction and production strategies that will help food and beverage operations address sustainability concerns.
  • Describe procedures for serving alcoholic beverages with care.
  • Identify causes of and ways to prevent accidents and food borne illnesses in food service operations.
  • Describe the factors involved in facility design and equipment selection for a food and beverage operation.
  • Explain and describe the various financial statements and ratios used in food and beverage operations.
  • Describe the types of financial management software that are available to food service managers.

Price: USD 450

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