Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma in Management & Leadership

Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd
Blended study mode
Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
1 year
Jun 04 - Jun 04 2020

Course Description

This Program covers a wide range of important areas concerning the role of management and leadership, with the aim of improving both personal and organisational performance and success.

The Program examines the meaning and processes of management, how it impacts on people, organisations and relationships, and its fundamental importance to effective performance. It covers the nature of managerial work and activities, and managerial responsibility, styles and effectiveness.

The process of leadership is explored and explained, as are matters concerning control and power, behaviour and organisational variables. Culture, employee commitment, conflict and change management are all covered from the perspective of the role and importance of managers and leadership.

The syllabus focuses on how to carry out the managerial leadership role, how to be a ‘good’ leader and how to satisfy the needs of people at work, how to create an organisational climate in which people work willingly and effectively, and achieve the goals of the organisation through the process of management. 

Management and leaders need to strike the right balance between the needs and influences of individuals, of groups, of the organization and the environment; and appropriate management and leadership styles must be adopted to successfully deal with these factors. Making effective decisions, and motivation, is the duty of management and responsibility of leadership as part of guiding the organisation to the attainment of its objectives; all this is dealt with in this Program.

Mode of delivery: Distance learning
Course Intake: Ongoing!

Course Outline

  • Managerial Behaviour, Work, Functions and Style
  • Organisational Development
  • Qualities and Responsibilities of Successful Managers
  • Leadership, Management and the People-Organisation Relationship
  • Managerial Styles, Systems, Philosophies
  • Management Control and Power
  • Organisational Development 
  • Approaches to Leadership 
  • Leadership Models and Theories 
  • Culture, Conflict and Change
  • Management Development 
Admission Requirements

University Degree or Diploma with work experience

Price: KES 68,200

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