Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma in Marketing Strategy

Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd
Blended study mode
Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
1 year
Jun 04 - Jun 04 2020

Course Description

A Program which provides a practical, strategic, managerial approach to marketing, to balance organisation objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in the marketplace.

This Program looks at marketing concepts from a strategic point of view, and provides a framework for marketing and management thinking; it considers how to undertake strategic market planning and develop core strategy; to define and segment markets, build relationships through customer satisfaction, quality, value and service; and achieve growth. Marketing has a crucial business role - it helps identify customer’s needs and wants and determines which target markets a company can serve and how best to do so; marketing then helps guide the design of appropriate products, services and programmes to serve these markets. 

This Program covers these key concepts and how to apply modern strategic marketing, including in product and service firms, consumer and business markets, profit and non-profit organisations, domestic and global companies and small and large businesses.

Mode of Study: Distance Learning
Course Intake: Ongoing

Course Outline

  • Strategic marketing planning, a strategic audit
  • The mission and from mission to strategic objectives
  • Developing growth strategies
  • Marketing as part of strategic planning, marketing’s role, the marketing process
  • Marketing strategy and strategies for competitive advantage
  • Developing the marketing mix
  • The marketing plan, swot analysis, objectives and issues
  • Strategic marketing: programmes, budgets, controls, organisation
  • Market segmentation and targeting, satisfying human needs
  • Levels of market segmentation: consumer markets, business markets, international markets
  • Developing market segments, market targeting, evaluating market segments, segment strategy
  • Product positioning, differentiating markets
  • Choosing and implementing a positional strategy
  • Selecting and creating the right competitive advantages
  • Communicating and delivering the chosen position
  • Building customer relationships
  • Customer satisfaction, quality, value, service
  • Value chains and total quality management
  • Customer retention and customer relationship management
  • Identifying the company’s competitors, their objectives, and identifying their strategies
  • Assessing competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and reaction patterns
  • Designing the competitive intelligence system
  • Competitive strategies: market-leader, market-challenger, market-follower, market-niche
  • Balancing customer-competitor orientations
  • Innovation and new-product development, reasons for failures and new-product success
  • New-product development: idea generation, idea screening, concept development 
  • Testing, product development, test marketing and commercialisation
  • Product life-cycle strategies
  • New-product pricing strategies: market-skimming pricing, market-penetration pricing
  • Product-mix pricing strategies, product line pricing, promotional pricing, value pricing
  • Captive-product pricing, by-product pricing, product-bundle pricing, psychological pricing
  • Price-adjustment strategies, discount and allowance pricing, segmented pricing
  • Geographical and international pricing, price changes
  • The strategic marketing management framework
  • Corporate strategy and marketing strategy; plans and programmes, strategy development
  • Marketing models: BCG matrix, Ansoff Growth Matrix
  • Growth strategies: penetration, market development, diversification, integration, stability
  • Marketing and competitive strategy, generic strategy; attack and defence strategies

Admission Requirements
University Degree or
Diploma with work experience

Price: KES 68,200

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