Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma on Events Management: for Tourism, Business, Sport

Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd
Blended study mode
Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
1 year
Jun 03 - Jun 03 2020

Course Description

A comprehensive and engaging program teaching how to become a professional in event management.
This Program will provide the knowledge and sophisticated skills required in order to become a professional event manager, and covers strategic planning, risk analysis, marketing, budgeting, cash flow planning, human resource management and much more.

The Program covers strategic management for projects, focusing on event concepts and feasibility, and topics such as legal compliance, marketing, risk and business and event relationships.  It then focuses on operational planning and implementation in clear and focused detail.
The Program helps develop a wide range of abilities and to master vital skills which can be used in project and event management, and to face many different types of business challenges in a diverse range of contexts, and in many management roles and in numerous professional and managerial positions.

Mode of Study: Distance Learning
Course intake on going!!

Career Outcomes

  • The event industry - events, technology, ethics
  • Event concepts and ideas - analysis, design, logistics
  • Assessing event feasibility and strategic factors   
  • Event venues and sites
  • Legal and insurance issues regarding events
  • Business and client relationships and agreements
  • Marketing strategy, segmentation and planning
  • Sponsorship issues for events
  • Event budgeting, finance and cash flow matters
  • Risk assessment and strategy
  • The event bids process and factors
  • Event project management, project management tools and principles
  • Event promotion and public relations
  • Staging an event, services, contractors, catering accommodation
  • Human resources, staffing, recruiting
  • People management, motivation and development
  • On-site services
  • Safety and security, safety training
  • Crowd procedures and control
  • Event protocol for speakers, business, religious and cultural events
  • Event catering, food, beverages, waste planning
  • Environmental management, sanitation
  • Event monitoring and control, and evaluation
  • Careers and trends in event management

Admission Requirements

University Degree or

Diploma with work experience

Price: KES 68,200

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