Motor Claims Investigation

Insurance Institute of East Africa
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Brunei House, 3rd Floor I Witu Road off Lusaka Road P.O. Box 16481 - 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
4 weeks
Jun 17 - Jun 17 2020

Course Description

This is a course in motor claims investigation, one of the most important aspects of property and liability claims adjusting. Simply put, it is the adjuster's or claim representative’s job to investigate and gather the facts surrounding an accident or loss. 
Claims adjusters cannot make facts, but they can unearth them. Investigation is the process of unearthing relevant facts. To put claims investigation into its context, the course summarizes the entire claims handling process. It then describes the sources of information often used in investigating claims, including statements and interviews and specific considerations involved in the investigation of motor claims.

Course Intake: Ongoing!

Course Outline

Module 1:   Overview of Auto Accident Claims 
Module 2:   Claims Handling Activities 
Module 3:   Negligence in Tort Law 
Module 4:   Rules of the Road for Motorists 
Module 5:   Investigation of Coverage and Liability 
Module 6:   Setting the Scope of the Investigation 
Module 7:   Auto Claim Investigations 
Module 8:   Auto Liability Claim Investigations; Gathering Evidence 
Module 9:   Demonstrative, Documentary, and Real Evidence 
Module 10:   Taking Statements 
Module 11:   Obtaining Statements from Insureds, Claimants, and Witnesses 
Module 12:   Admissibility of Statements and Other Oral Testimony 
Module 13:   Critique of Auto Collision Recorded Statement 
Module 14:   Determining Proximate Cause 
Module 15:   Using Experts 
Module 16:   Subrogation Investigation 
Module 17:   An Overview of PIP and and MP Claims 
Module 18:   Investigation of PIP and MP Claims 
Module 19:   Overview of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Claims 
Module 20:   Investigating Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Claims 
Module 21:   Identifying Bodily Injury Fraud Indicators 
Module 22:   Definitions, Liability Coverage Insuring Agreement. 
Module 23:   Determining Who Is an Employee 
Module 24:   Who Is a “Family Member”? 
Module 25:   Determining Unauthorized Use of an Insured Vehicle 
Module 26:   Determining Business Use of a Personal Auto 
Module 27:   Types of Automobile Physical Damage Claims 
Module 28:   Investigating Auto Physical Damage Claims 
Module 29:   Structural Components 
Module 30:   Total Theft Loss 
Module 31:   Identifying Property Damage Fraud Indicators 
Module 32:   Insurance (Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks) Act Cap.405.

Career Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to: -
  • Auto accident claims.
  • Claim Handling Process.
  • Determination of negligence in tort law.
  • Coverage and liability investigation.
  • Auto claim investigations.

Price: USD 335

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