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Woodvale Grove Nairobi City
4 years
Jun 18 - Jun 18 2023

Course Description

The Bachelor of Music (BMus) is an integrated four year programme that provides students with a rigorous training in the disciplines of the music profession, and an opportunity to experience and learn from multiple traditions of music.

Unique at Wits Music, our students are not streamed into jazz, classical, African music, or music technology degrees; a classical flautist, for example, will also do jazz theory and studio production, or a musical theatre voice student learns orchestral arranging and South African music history.

The thinking informing our degree is both pragmatic and philosophical. Rather than channel young students’ learning into a single area of knowledge and tradition of music at the outset of their studies, the Wits BMus is an exploratory degree: it provides students with an environment in which to experience new and different domains and, by the time they graduate, with sufficient know-how to make an informed decision about which fields of music they wish to pursue in the world of work.

The degree has a fixed curriculum offering three years of undergraduate work in performance, music theory and a music academic course, as well as two years of a course of your choice from the humanity’s BA subjects (English, Psychology, Media Studies, etc.). 

In their fourth year BMus students specialise in either composition, performance or community music. There are also two professionalising courses at the fourth-year level. For more details see our Music Prospectus.

Career Outcomes

  • Performer
  • Composer
  • Community Music Facilitator
  • Music Journalist
  • Music Consultant
  • Audio Production
  • Music Educator
  • Arranger
  • Music Manager
  • Music Business

Price: ZAR 30,000

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