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Apr 14 - May 29 2021

Course Description

About this Course
As we all know, managing a business organization, even if its a very small one, a big one or a medium-sized one is a very time-consuming task.

An ERP, the Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software, which allows a business to manage their process, using a single software to manage all their business process running inside their organization.

Before the introduction of ERP systems, there were separate software(s) used for the separate processes. For example, there was a sales management system for sales, accounting systems for accounts, HR management system for human resources. So it was a very messy kind of environment, before the introduction of ERP system. And now after the introduction of ERP system, everything came under a single roof which is the ERP platform.

Providing ERP to business is a multi-billion dollar business nowadays. Many big players like Microsoft and Oracle is already into this. And small companies and medium scale companies are also coming up with their own ERP solutions. There is a great market out there.

And if you are still not into ERP system, then its only a matter of time you have to switch into an ERP system, because the whole world's business is now running with ERP.

And in this course, we will be learning about odoo, which is the best open source ERP system available around the world. Its a very popular opensource ERP system It's been used in most of the business around the world. And it is having a very vast community which can help you in case of any doubts or any clarifications regarding the odoo installation or configuration or any custom requirement that you have in your organization

And before learning odoo, in order to use any ERP solution, you have to learn the basics of the business process. How a sales flow works.. how purchase works.. and how accounts in being done in the organization, stuff like that you should have basic knowledge in order to use your ERP software efficiently in an organization.

In this course, we will be having an overview of the basic business concepts throughout this course and we will be having thorough in-depth sessions in creating a VPS server in an Amazon web service. Then installing odoo inside this VPS server. Then we will have a session covering various odoo modules like Accounts, Sales, Purchase, HRMS, E-commerce, Task Management Systems and Website Management System for business.

And for advanced odoo users and developers, we will be having sessions like 'How you can enable development mode in odoo, how you can take a backup of your existing odoo database, just in case... and how you can restore that back up into the system. Then how you can install custom odoo modules that are available in the market into your odoo system. Then troubleshoot these modules and how you can customize the odoo system by adding a new field to your odoo interface and including that field inside reports search.

We will be having a few report customizations also covered inside this course. And finally, we will be comparing the community version of odoo and also the enterprise version of odoo so that you can have a basic overview of which are all the modules that are not available in the community version (the open-source version) and which are the one that are available inside the enterprise version, which is the premium version.

ERP Administration, Management and Customization is a very rewarding and lucrative career. I promise that this course will be jump starter for your ERP career. And after completing this course, you will be provided with a course completion certificate, which you can attach to your portfolio and it will be adding very great value for your portfolio.

So see you soon in the class!! Let's start this wonderful journey of odoo ERP system. Have a great day. Bye Bye !!!

Basic requirements

  • Requires basic Computer Knowledge and an overall view of internet technology and business concepts.
  • A Beginner who wish to get into the world of ERP along with Odoo, the leader in ERP software.
  • Those who are already using Odoo, who wish to study the advanced features of Odoo.
  • Business owners who wish to implement ERP to their business. Developers who wish to get much out of Odoo

Course Outline

  1. Introduction and Contents of the Course
  2. Creating Amazon Web Service EC2 Ubuntu VPS to install Odoo
  3. Installing Odoo 11 in Ubuntu 16 AWS VPS Server
  4. Installing Odoo 12 in Ubuntu 18 AWS VPS Server (Recommended)
  5. Odoo Sales - Customers, Products, Company, Quotation, Order, Payment
  6. Bar-code Scanner Configuration & Honeywell Sticker Printer csv
  7. Odoo CRM - Customers, Opportunities, Leads and Events
  8. Odoo Purchase - Vendors, RFQ, Purchase Orders, Stock Receipt and Payments
  9. Odoo Manufacturing - Process and steps, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing orders
  10. Odoo Accounts and Finance - Payable and Receivable, Chart of Accounts & Reports
  11. Odoo HRMS - Employees Management, Time sheets, Leaves Tracking and Recruitment
  12. Odoo - Project Management - Create and Manage Projects and Tasks
  13. Odoo Website Builder - Create , Manage and Publish a cool website using odoo
  14. Odoo - E-commerce Setup, Attributed Products, Payment Gateway Basics
  15. Odoo Advanced - Database Backup and Restoration
  16. Odoo Advanced - Enabling Developer Mode
  17. Quick Tip - Configure Paypal Payment Gateway
  18. Odoo Advanced - Custom Third Party Module Installation from Odoo Apps Store
  19. Odoo Advanced - Quick Overview of Basic Internal Architecture of Odoo System
  20. Odoo Advanced - Creating Custom Fields in odoo - Part 1, 2, 3 & 4
  21. Odoo Advanced - Basic Document and Report Customization
  22. Odoo Community VS Enterprise - How to upgrade

Price: KES 10,200 2,040

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