Online Resources For Exploring Old Railways In The UK

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Apr 28 - Jun 12 2021

Course Description

This course is about the online resources available to research old railways and other historic locations in the UK.

First, we look at the old maps available on the National Library of Scotland website - a wonderful resource. The Ordnance Survey published the first series of maps covering the whole of the UK in the 1880s. The NLS has digitised all of these maps and the later map series right through to the 1960s. That makes it possible to view the changes in a landscape or location over time.

The course will show how to use online maps to identify the routes of dismantled railways and other items.

The course will also look at several other online information sources about the old railways and other historical structures.

This course is aimed at those researching railways and other historical sites in the UK. Other countries are not covered but if British history is your thing, I think you'll find this course useful.

Who this course is for:

Learners interested in UK railways
Students of UK history from the industrial revolution onward
Students interested in old maps

Basic knowledge
There are no pre-course requirements
What will you learn
How to explore the routes of old railway lines in the UK and their remains in the modern landscape
The digitized old maps of the UK available online
Online records of historical locations in the UK
Online maps of old railways in the UK

Course Outline

Price: KES 1,610 322

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Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year
Simpliv LLC
Online study mode
410 days 58 weeks 13 months 1 year

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