BA Digital Arts


Price: R30,000

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Offline

Location : 46 minute from Pretoria and 1hour 18 minutes from Jo'burg

Duration : 4 Year(s)

Date: To be Announced Later

Course Description

Programme overview
The Bachelor of Arts in Game Design (BA Digital Arts – Game Design) is a full-time 4 year degree. The degree opens up an entirely new and distinctive opportunity for people inclined towards using a combination of visuals and technology in order to achieve an entirely different medium of expression. As a student, you’ll learn all aspects of Game Design, from Art Assets (including character design and sprites) through to Coding and Programming.

Creating a game requires a variety of skills, stretching from the technical development and programming to the creative disciplines of illustration, animation, writing, and sound design.

Game design is at the heart of all these disciplines. It is the creation of the system and mechanics of a game, a heady, but fun task in of itself, and the point where the disciplines meet that something great is created. Making games asks you to borrow from many fields in order to make that final, amazing product, so as a designer, you’ll always be able to find an aspect that you enjoy the most (if not all of it).

In this degree students study a professional subject in WSOA (Digital Arts Practice), an academic subject in WSOA (Digital Arts Theory), any subject from the Humanities Faculty (such as English, Philosophy, Film, etc.), and of course Game Design.

As the degree progresses the other subjects fall away and the Game Design core course becomes the central focus.

Students interested in the more technical aspects of game design may consider the Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Art (BEngSc Digital Arts), which sees more of a focus on the core development aspect of Game Design (software programming) and hardware prototyping.

Career Outcomes

  • Game designers / producers / developers
  • 3D/2D content creators
  • App-based Game Development
  • Game Writing

Price: R30,000

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