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Price: Ksh11,500

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Blended

Location : Nairobi

Duration : 4 Week(s)

Date: To be Announced Later

Course Description

Setting up a company

Course Outline

Getting Started
  •  Starting Quickbooks
  •  Identifying Components Of Quickbooks
  •  Operating Environment
  •  Opening Quickbook Centres
  •  Opening Other Quickbooks Windows
  •  Using Quickbooks Research
  •  Identifying Common Business Terms
  •  Setting Up Quickbooks Oin Multi-User Mode
  •  Exiting Quickbooks

Setting Up a Company
  •  Creating A Quickbooks Company
  •  Using The Chart Of Accounts
  •  Entering Account Opening Balance

Working with Lists
  •  Creating Company Mats
  •  Working With The Customers And Job Lists
  •  Working With The Employees List
  •  Working With The Vendor’s List
  •  Adding Customer Fields
  •  Managing Lists

Setting Up Inventory
  •  Entering Products To Inventory
  •  Ordring Products
  •  Receiving Inventory
  •  Paying For Inventory
  •  Manually Adjusting Inventory

Selling Your Product
  •  Creating Product Invoices
  •  Applying Credit To Invoices
  •  Making Cash Sales

Invoicing for Services
  •  Setting Up A Service Term
  •  Changing The Invoice Format
  •  Creating A Service Incoice
  •  Creating Batch Invoices
  •  Entering Statement Charges
  •  Creating Billing Systems
  • Processing Payraesus
  •  Displaying The Open Invoices Report
  •  Using The Collections Center
  •  Receiving Payments For Invoices
  •  Making Deposits
  •  Printing Statements
  • Working with Bank Accounts
  •  Writing A Quickbooks Cheque
  •  Voiding A Quickbooks Cheque
  •  Using Bank Account Registers
  •  Entering A Handwritten Check
  •  Transferring Funds Between Accounts
  •  Reconciling Checking Accounts
  • Entering and Paying Bills
  •  Handling And Paying Bills
  •  Using Quickbooks For Accounts Payable
  •  Entering Bills
  •  Paying Bills

Price: Ksh11,500

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