Job Summary

We are looking to hire an individual with a background in marketing who is a self-starter, intimately understands the marketing journey and is passionate about brand building. This individual will help us scale our business through well-executed integrated marketing campaigns that ensure an increase in awareness, engagement, and sales.

  • Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description/Requirements

ROLE: Digital Marketing Specialist








Job Function: Marketing & Communications

Industry: Retail, Fashion & FMCG

Location: Nairobi

Job Level: Mid-Level

Work Type: Contract


Minimum Qualification: Bachelors Degree in Marketing


Minimum Years of Work Experience: Minimum of 5 years previous experience in a marketing position


Job Description: We are looking to hire an individual with a background in marketing who is a self-starter, intimately understands the marketing journey and is passionate about brand building. This individual will help us scale our business through well-executed integrated marketing campaigns that ensure an increase in awareness, engagement, and sales for the Ithira brand.


About Us: Ithira is a treasure-trove of African fashion – a retail store solely devoted to highlighting the latest and very best in contemporary African wear. Created as a place where fashion is a lifestyle and a haven of personal choice, Ithira will naturally appeal to the woman and man of today’s Africa, wherever in the world they may be.


About You:


Professional Traits


You are the real deal: You understand that a marketer who cannot deliver on the bottom line is not a marketer worth their salt. You know that engagement does not always equal sales and feverishly work to ensure that engagement activities and metrics align, not just with set marketing objectives but with the business’ profit objectives as well. You can plan and execute. You love solving problems. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty. You are comfortable both in an office and field set up. You have a proven track record of developing, implementing, and executing successful marketing strategies.


You appreciate the role of marketing theory in marketing practice: You understand that your campaigns need to have a solid foundation in marketing theories. You know that these are critical in understanding customers’ desires and motivations for taking action. You appreciate that these concepts help you as a marketer understand basic fundamental truths about the impact of marketing. You accordingly have, in your marketing career, applied marketing principles that are tried and tested to enable you build, direct and enlarge brands. You aim to do the same for the Ithira brand.


You are both analytical and creative: Your academic training and experience has taught you that the role of a marketing executive requires analytical thinking and creativity in equal parts. You are aware that, in addition to being exceptional at the execution of marketing strategies, your role requires one to be at home with data. You love data and are comfortable with the assessment of data, pre, post and during campaign periods. You are adept at researching and analysing trends and patterns and using these to determine the appropriate course of action to increase engagement and most of all, sales. You are equally aware that the mindset of a creative, an out-of-the-box thinker, is integral to developing brand awareness and communicating to one’s target audience effectively to ensure a brand’s success.


You are well-versed with the digital marketing landscape: You understand that the marketing landscape has changed. You acknowledge that the interface between brands and people has been transformed greatly by the democratic nature of digital technologies. You are aware that the discipline of marketing which once depended less on data and more on psychology and creativity now relies on both in order to work well. You are conscious of the fact that we are in a mobile-first generation and that the creation of marketing campaigns has to consider this interface first in order to reach consumers in a more personalised and targeted manner. You are cognisant of the fact that regardless of the impact of technology on the marketing landscape, the fundamentals of marketing have not changed, i.e. applying creativity and passion to help build brand loyalty and engage emotion. You know how to, and, are prepared to utilise technology, data and analytics to place the Ithira brand front and centre in the minds of our target audience. You have – or are prepared, to update your marketing and creative skills with an understanding of real-time technology in order to create highly relevant digital-first campaigns that are delivered with requisite speed, relevance and reach. You have a proven track record of developing, implementing, and executing successful marketing strategies within the digital marketing ecosystem.


You are a continuous learner. You have the self-drive and initiative required to adapt both professionally and personally to a changing world by constantly disrupting your thinking through learning and increasing knowledge in an effort to expand your skills and skill sets.

You take a consultative approach to your work. Your corporate experience has taught you that two heads are better than one and that tasks are better executed when reviewed. Thus, when you decide on a campaign’s objectives and strategy, you are keen to always consult with senior management from the very beginning to make your projects run more smoothly and result in better outcomes.


You have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills: You understand that a marketer who cannot communicate effectively is no marketer at all. This role needs a confident person, a strong communicator, a polished individual who is assertive and does not balk under pressure. You will be tasked with developing and telling the Ithira brand story in an effort to increase our customer base, increase sales and meet other business objectives for the organisation. Thus, your ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders within and outside of the business, both verbally and in written form cannot be gainsaid. You will be required to create and manage communications programs across all media – web, video, social, PR and print – that get results. For that, you must have outstanding written, editing and oral communication skills in addition to first-rate interpersonal communication skills. A well-articulated Cover Letter and C.V. will be the first step in demonstrating this to us.


You are supremely organised: You are a systematic thinker. You have an innate ability to think critically, strategically and to execute campaign strategies on time and within budget. You are well organised and have the ability to prioritise. Your excellent organisational and time management skills have enabled you successfully plan, develop and manage campaigns in the past. You are passionate about doing the same for the Ithira brand.


You are an amazing coordinator: Managing campaigns means managing people, managing processes – getting things done. You will manage marketing activities on all facets of marketing relevant to the business - from advertising campaigns, data analysis and social media. This will require that you rope in contracted personnel to enable you achieve campaign objectives including but not limited to photographers, models, content creators, influencers, printing professionals etc. Consequently, your C.V must showcase your ability to coordinate projects and teams from start to finish.


You are a natural customer champion: You understand that marketing is the frontline of any business. You understand that yours is a career obsessed with serving customer needs and adding value. You are aware that your role is about creating love… love of a product, a service, a brand, and are willing to do the same for the Ithira brand. For you to maintain and grow our customer base, you must intimately understand the customer journey and their needs, both met and un-met. This requires you to be obsessed with learning about the industry we are in, our target demographic and continuously seek opportunities to create customer delight that leads to loyalty, and profitable new sales. Thus, an inherent part of your marketing executive role at Ithira will be listening to the customer well, reacting effectively, and relaying this to the business in an effort to create innovative new value through new products or improvements to existing ones. You have a proven track record in this regard.


You are willing to build our brand from the ground up: Our business is just getting started. Thus, in choosing to apply for this role, you are willing to play the long game. Building a brand from scratch requires that you know your craft and have a can-do mentality -  in addition to being organised, dependable, trustworthy, cerebrally switched on and results-focused. You will be in charge of developing and executing a holistic marketing strategy that will positively impact the organisation’s bottom line. As such, the need to take extreme ownership of the brand and its marketing journey is vital. You can only do so if you’re willing to get your hands dirty and take challenges head-on. Thus, your application for this role will need to demonstrate how and why you want to do so.


Personal Traits


You are trustworthy. You know that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

You are humble. You understand the pitfalls of hubris. You can take direction. No task is too menial for you to undertake.

You understand the value of time. You are punctual. You know that the road to success starts with you valuing your time and that of others.

You are a self-starter. You don’t wait to be told what to do. You are motivated and ambitious enough to work on your own initiative without needing direction.

You are a go-getter. You apply an assertive and intrapreneurial mindset in all you do. You know how to create your own roadmap to success.

You take extreme ownership of your work. You thrive in responsibility. Once you’ve understood what’s expected of you, you work to wholeheartedly deliver the task at hand to your benefit and to the benefit of those around you.

You are goal oriented. You like to tick your boxes. No day is complete without an accomplishment list.

You have a winning mindset. You are an out-of-the-box thinker. You hate excuses. You figure out how to get things done.

You are curious. You appreciate that a vital quality for marketers in this fast-changing digital environment is curiosity. You’re prepared to use this to learn different tools and techniques that will enable you create campaigns that are more personalised and immersive for the Ithira brand.

You are reliable. You can be counted upon. You don’t need someone to look over your shoulder to ensure that you’re doing as expected.

You are consistent. You know that success is about showing up each and every day.

You are well presented. You know that style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.


About The Role: We are a young brand with big ambitions. As a Marketing Executive at Ithira By Design, you will be tasked with promoting our brand and products to clients both locally and internationally. With the support of the business’ director, you shall develop and execute a holistic marketing strategy that will see to the utilisation of various techniques and channels to create and deliver marketing campaigns year-round; campaigns that are aimed at increasing awareness of the Ithira brand, driving engagement online, and ensuring sales targets are met both in-store and online.


You will be the guardian for the execution and delivery of the Ithira brand expression. You will lead the design, development and delivery of highly effective acquisition, customer and brand campaigns across all marketing channels.


As a critical member of the marketing team, this role requires you to be technically savvy, have strong interpersonal skills, a customer-focus and a results-driven mindset.


You will play a key role in maximising sales and profitability by focusing on campaign initiatives that drive awareness and engagement. In addition, you will also be tasked with researching on and analysing demographics, sales figures, market trends and competitor behaviour. 


This is the perfect career opportunity for a marketing-focused individual with an intrapreneurial spirit.


Should your application be successful, you will, as a Marketing Executive be tasked with:



Marketing Planning

·         Develop and, in conjunction with the director, review marketing strategies for the broader Ithira business and particular product lines

·         In conjunction with the business director, develop and deploy a marketing budget for maximum efficiency & effectiveness

·      Develop and support the development of integrated marketing and channel plans that are linked to meeting objectives within the budget allocated, including for new product or business development

·         Develop a stewardship journey for each product line, in consideration of broader Ithira brand building objectives

·         Develop innovative ideas & tools which support the sales team’s efforts at optimising the customer experience both in-store and online

·         Use customer insight, evaluation reports, social media campaign dashboards and website metrics to support clear targeting and execution of marketing campaigns, ensuring the marketing mix is tailored accordingly

·         Develop and oversee the social media content plan, along with following social media trends


Marketing Execution

·         You shall be accountable for all digital content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, and leads, that deliver sales and customer retention. This includes:

o    Managing the Ithira e-commerce site by utilising its content management system to publish content, analyse website traffic, user engagement metrics and sales

o    Managing Ithira’s social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube

o    Maintaining a content calendar and creating original content for Ithira’s social media posts, email marketing, our blog, web copy, presentations, training materials, flyers, intranet, and other assets as needed

o    Managing the social media advertising budget, and making strategy recommendations

o    Driving the execution of SEO and SEM campaigns for the Ithira e-commerce site

·        Delivering compelling marketing campaigns which meet agreed objectives; utilising owned, paid, and earned media to market our products in line with our brand values.

·     Delivering innovative and creative assets for all channels, which lead to the achievement of an outstanding brand experience and help us stand out in the marketplace

·      Recruit, manage and collaborate with contracted personnel to enable the achievement of campaign objectives for Ithira’s product lines and the brand overall. Contracted personnel include (but are not limited to) photographers, models, content creators, influencers, printing professionals etc

Marketing Analysis and Evaluation

·      Researching on, and analysing demographics, sales figures, market trends and competitor behaviour in order to identify opportunities to serve our existing clients better and expand our customer base

·         Conducting research on leading players in our industry of focus and relevant markets for the purposes of benchmarking

·         Monitor ongoing campaign performance against objectives

·         Critically evaluate campaign success and make recommendations for future improvements.

·         Provide timely, clear reporting throughout the year to the director and feed into evaluation processes



Essential Knowledge, Skills & Experience

·         Marketing experience with a good understanding of the marketing mix, delivery, measurements and best practice

·         Comprehension of marketing/ segmentation strategy, messaging & competitive analysis.

·         Strategic thinker with the ability to understand and exhibit deep understanding of various marketing and campaign strategies

·        A track record of understanding ways to consolidate internal client needs and tailor and distribute content for different audiences, platforms as per business and marketing objectives

·         Strong understanding of digital activation and the ability to write social and web copy content

·         Proven expertise in marketing analytics. Analytical, problem-solving, and data skills with the ability to interpret and simplify complex data sets for others and communicate details or summarise data trends and key themes

·         Comprehension of lead models and funnel analysis, Search Engine Optimization best practices, principles and current trends.

·         Strong understanding of data and tagging implementations and its impact on analytical deliverables and recommendations.

·         Familiarity with design tools such as Canva and Photoshop


Key Competencies & Behaviours

·         Displays the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality, and commitment

·         Has a positive, empathetic, patient, polite, friendly and flexible manner

·         Is humble and treats those around them with respect

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Has a no-excuses mindset

·         Is a problem-solver and loves challenges

·         Demonstrates a high level of attention to detail in all aspects of work

·         Is a creative thinker and problem solver who can deliver high-quality work on time

·        Has the ability to analyse information quickly and communicate in a concise and articulate manner to both internal and external stakeholders as required

·         Has demonstrably strong prioritisation and time management skills that ensure that deadlines are met

·         Demonstrates self-motivation and is comfortable working both remotely and in a field set up

·         Has the willingness to both work on projects or tasks with a team and independently

·         Ability to build rapport quickly and to understand needs and expectations

·         Ability to collaborate with and manage different stakeholders

·         Ability to work on own projects and work well within a team

·         Ability to juggle multiple projects and requests at one time

·         Ability to remain calm under pressure

·         Ability to work with different working cultures, adapting personal style accordingly

·         Ability to work with or without agency support

·         Comfortable in an informal, start-up environment where constant change is the norm and there is no ‘business as usual’ day



·         Bachelors degree in Marketing

·         A Certificate or Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing

What You Get

·         Retainer + uncapped commission upon successful achievement of campaign sales and engagement objectives

·         A chance to grow your marketing career with a business that thinks different and a brand that is looking to make a difference in the African fashion segment

·         Responsibility, room to grow and the ability to learn new skills on the job

·         The chance to influence the direction of a brand through your marketing efforts

·         The chance to work with a budding brand and see the brand building process as you grow

·         The chance to make an impact on the Kenyan fashion industry and be part of Kenya’s Vision 2030’s industries of focus



·   You must speak to the job description. You need to be very clear about how you will add value to a budding brand from a marketing perspective

·         You must describe how your character is in line with the 23 qualities we desire of a candidate as broken down in the “About You” section

·         You must show how you will apply the 23 qualities stated in the “About You” section on the job should you be successful in your application

·    You must show why you’re keen on a career in marketing and how you plan on hitting your targets should you be successful in your application

·         You must show why you’re keen on a career in the retail and fashion arena

·         You must show why you’re keen on a career with a business focused on African fashion

·         You must show why you want to work for a start-up

·         You must provide an expected salary range in your covering letter

·         You must also answer this question: What do you like most and least about being in the field of marketing?

Important Safety Tips

1. Do not make any payment without confirming with the BrighterMonday Customer Support Team. 2. If you think this advert is not genuine, please report it via the Report Job link below.

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