Find out how much you deserve to earn, in any industry in Kenya.


What is the Salary Insights Tool?

We have the Largest database of jobs and job seekers in the market. We believe that one of the keys to transforming productivity in Africa is to give free and clear access to transparent data that helps you to get a better job and to get paid a market related salary for the work you do.

We have built a tool that allows you to take control of your career and see exactly what you deserve to earn, wherever you are, based on your skill set and aligned with your experience.

Why is it useful?

Job seeker

This tool is important for knowing how much you should earn in your current role, or what you can earn if you switched roles, industries, location or after more years of experience. This information is very important when negotiating a salary raise or when negotiating for a new role.


This tool can help you accurately benchmark your current salary offers with market levels, ensuring you are competitive and can attract and retain the right calibre of candidates.

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