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The 'Best 100 Companies to Work For in Kenya' Report 2019

This report not only features the nation’s most prestigious companies from various industries, as voted by Kenyans but also serves as a staple benchmark for all prospective employees to assess the key characteristics that make companies top of mind for current and future employees. 

In addition, the report also provides comprehensive invaluable market insights which can be used to inspire changes towards a better workplace for both employers and employees.

Millennials and the Digital Marketplace:

How to keep Millennials Productive in the Workplace.

Millennials now occupy a larger portion of the workplace, and in today’s age it is essential for employers to create an employee-centric culture that fosters productivity amongst this expanding demographic.

This whitepaper explores the factors that are necessary to ensure optimum productivity amongst millennials, detailing the importance of each and illustrating how employers can implement them.

BrighterMonday reviewed the best employers in Kenya to provide a comprehensive rating of employee satisfaction. The first-ever “Best 100 Companies To Work for” focuses on identifying, recognizing and celebrating the top employers in Kenya as rated by employees and other professionals. 

Best 100 Companies to Work for Report 2018

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