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  • All jobs come with 45 day duration Lifetime access to candidate pools and applicant tracking system Unlimited applications
  • Branded listing with your corporate logo
  • Featured Job
  • Category Sponsored Job - Top of the list
  • Quality Shortlist - We handle all CV Screening, Shortlisting of Candidate Resumes & deliver a Candidate Report with CVs sent directly to you.
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Listing featured in email newsletter
KSh 3,000
KSh 12,000
KSh 25,000
KSh 30,000

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KSh 22,000
per job

This feature directs candidates to the employers websites or portal where they complete the application process.

KSh 50,000
per month

This feature promotes your company and vacancies. It showcases you as one of the top Employers thus building interest to advertised positions. One click directs candidates to all vacancies.

  • Get prominence and extra exposure
  • 30 Day Period

Executive Search

Executive search gives you the ability to fill Senior level positions or positions that are harder to fill. We assess your candidate needs, source the best match and conduct interviews and background checks on your behalf.

How it works

You send us your
job description
We source for
candidates from
our vast resources
We longlist the
candidates that
meet your criteria
We conduct phone or
personal interviews on the
We send you the report
of the shortlisted
You conduct
We do background
checks on the list of
potential candidates
You hire

This is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or highly specialised positions In organizations. The method usually involves us researching the availability of suitable candidates working for competitors or related businesses. Having identified possible recruits that match the client's requirements, we act as an intermediary to investigate whether the individual might be interested in moving to a new employer and also carry out initial screening of the candidate, negotiating on remuneration, and perform the final background checks.

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Used by leading global companies.

BrighterMonday is the Exclusive Partner of AMCAT in Africa.

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Gain control of your job listings and candidates with
your own dashboard.

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We have recruitment experts to help you with executive candidates, screening and candidate shortlisting. Get in touch to find out more about our premium services.

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Not getting enough applications? Boost your ad prominence and gain exposure and increase your chances

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Get free access to advertiser central dashboard where you can create and manage all your job listing in one space. Accessible from any device.

What recruiters say about BrighterMonday

Gideon Mvurya Dallu
Gideon Mvurya Dallu
Human Resources Manager
Ruben Centre

I began using BrighterMonday as a job seeker. I simply set up an account, and almost immediately I had someone calling me. BrighterMonday has been my Career Partner through my career path, and now as a manager, they are the first thing that comes to mind whenever I want to hire. The personal touch in customer care makes me very comfortable working with BrighterMonday.

Lynette Mugeni
Lynette Mugeni
HR and Admin Manager
Kenya Bus Service Management Ltd

When I graduated, I got my first job through BrighterMonday. Now in a managerial position, I use BrighterMonday to get employees. It is very simple to advertise, and you will never be short of the talent you need because you receive so many applications. I recommend BrighterMonday to all other employers who want the best candidates in the market.

Catherine Rono
Catherine Rono
Operations Manager
Tele 10 Kenya Ltd

BrighterMonday has saved us 70% on administrative costs. Recruiting staff can be quite costly and time consuming, but not when you have a partner like BrighterMonday. The process is quick and efficient and can be customized to suit an employer’s hiring goals. The employer center is particularly easy to use and maneuver. I definitely recommend BrighterMonday to other employers.