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e-Biz Kwa Vijana

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About The Project

The e-Biz Kwa Vijana project is a USAID co-funded digital and entrepreneurial skills development intervention under the eTrade Alliance. The project is designed to equip 1,000 youth (18-35yrs) and entrepreneurs in Kenya with relevant enterprise and digital required to improve their economic and business outcomes within the e-commerce industry.

The 12-month project implemented by BrighterMonday Kenya intends to attract, train, onboard and support young entrepreneurs to expand their market, sustain and scale their enterprises through digital trading on established e-commerce platforms. The project’s success factors include:

Leveraging partnerships and collaboration with industry experts and stakeholders

Relevant training on e-commerce development appropriate for MSMEs

Addressing issues affecting growth in the e-commerce landscape

Our Goals

Train 1000 Youths

Onboard 600 Youths

Engage Stakeholders

To train 1,000 youths to leverage digital platforms in expanding market opportunities for their businesses or initiatives. 

To onboard at least 600 youths on ecommerce platforms and support them to leverage e-commerce for their businesses and improve their economic outcomes. 

To engage key stakeholders across the industry with practical knowledge that facilitate collaboration and increased innovation leading to SMEs sustainability.

What You Get as a Beneficiary

Get online trading Skills

Get Enhanced Business Visibility

Grow your business Online

You will learn skills on how to improve your business operations online including business strategies like market and customer retention.

Online presence allows you to reach a wider audience regardless of their geographic location to grow your customer base.

Unlike physical shops, an online business allows customers access to your goods and services round the clock, ensuring continuous sales.

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