Signifide Group International Limited
Industry Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry
Type Direct Employer
Employees 26-50
About Signifide Group International Limited
We are a Woman-Owned and Youth-Led Social Enterprise registered in Rwanda (2012), Kenya (2014) and Zambia (2018). We have a footprint in all of Sub-Saharan Africa. Our products are designed for marginalized women and girls in rural low income urban settlement communities, reaching them with a wide range of solutions including:

  • Financial Access, Usage and finally reaching financial independence (Financial Education, Microcredit and Micro Insurance)

  • Supply Chain Inclusion (Connecting women vendors to buyers)

  • Trade and Investment (Moving women from informal trade to formal trade)

  • Leadership and Mentorship

  • Gender and Social Inclusion consultancy services for development aid, public and private sector institutions. 


Women and girls are our innovators to whom we in turn deliver affordable and accessible solutions at scale while responding to the evolving market needs.

Head Quarters Nairobi
Founded 2012
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