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What The Best Companies To Work For Have In Common

Best companies to work for

While job hunting, it can be tough knowing what qualities to look for in a good company. or tell whether the company you are working for is a good place to be. The suitability of a company is first and foremost shaped by its organisational culture.

Every year, companies in most countries are ranked as the best places to work for, based on different criteria. There are global companies which have consistently been ranked as the best places to work for. Well, this is not by chance. So, what do these companies have in common?

  1. They are Driven by Values

Company values

It is not enough for a company to state that it is, for example, committed to bringing change to the society. If it does not demonstrate this by actions and by taking steps to ensure that it effects change within the society, then sooner or later, this is going to be evident to the employees. A value-driven company demonstrates this from the way it treats its employees, and not just its clients. A company that stays true to its values makes it possible for you to accomplish your personal and career goals, as there will be no clash of values. Top-rated companies have consistently shown that their values are at the heart of their operations and this translates into a positive working environment, hence the high ratings.

  1. The Companies Provide an Enjoyable Working Environment

Conducive working environment

You will spend an average of 8 hours of your day in the working environment. Put in another way, you spend most of your awake hours at your place of work. Therefore, this place ought to be safe and enjoyable. As much as you will spend the day solving problems and getting things done, you need to enjoy where you work or else, you will be frustrated for a whole 8 hours of your day, 5 days a week. Most companies rated as the best places to work have introduced things like play and resting areas, to allow employees to unwind. Therefore, if you are not sure what to look for in a prospective employer, find out whether the working environment is fun. It could even be something as simple as music being played in the office.

      3. They have Clear Goals

Company goals

If you are to deliver on your mandate, you need to know what you are aiming for, or what you are working towards. If the company’s goal is clear, it gives you a purpose and you can see what your contribution is. Moreover, you can tell whether this is achievable or not, and decide whether those goals are worth your time. If the company you are interviewing with does not seem to have a defined goal, then you have no business investing your time and skills, as you will only get frustrated. Think of any company you admire and then think of what its goal is. Most times, the goal of the company is very clear to both customers and employees and the employees clearly communicate this in how they serve their clients.

  1. The Companies are Ambitious


No one wants to work in a company that does the same thing day-in, day-out, year after year. This ties to the clear goals of a company. An ambitious company is one that is constantly upgrading itself and presenting employees with new challenges. It comes up with superior ways of responding to the needs of the market. Such companies also have opportunities for employee growth and are excellent for you to expand your skills over time. If you want to wake up to something exciting every day, find out whether the company you are working for or want to work for has ambition in its DNA.

      5. They Embody Team Spirit

Team work

We have all heard of companies where throwing people under the bus is the modus operandi. Needless to say, such companies have everyone pulling in their own direction, since the goal is to try and keep your head above the water. People spend more time looking over their backs than getting the job done. Well, such companies never achieve anything great, even if they have the best strategies in place. A great company is defined by the ability for everyone to pull in the same direction. Surveys indicate that the best-rated companies are those which have a camaraderie spirit.

  1. They Have Good Leaders at All Levels of the Organisation

Good leadership

The leadership of an organisation sets the stage for how the organisation runs. The leadership should be accountable, and keep everyone engaged. The company’s leaders should also be approachable so that employees can reach out to them when they have problems. This also means that leaders should be problem-solvers. Any company that claims to be successful has strong leaders at all levels of the organisation, who have the ability to make important decisions that affect the people who directly report to them. This also means that the decision-making function is not centralised and managers at all levels have been empowered to make certain decisions without necessarily consulting those above them. Finally, the deal is even better if the leaders double up as mentors.

  1. Have a Culture of training and Personal Growth

Training and personal growth

Training and personal growth are an important aspect of your career. When you are working at a certain company, you should not only make use of the skills you came in with, you ought to grow over time. This can take place formally, in the form of classes, or informal training, where you gain skills due to the challenges presented by your job, compelling you to gain more skills to tackle the challenges.

A good company should grow you over time. People who work in good companies often cite the fact that they have increased their skills as a key advantage of working with the companies. Therefore, before taking up a job offer, ensure that there is an opportunity for you to grow your skills during your stay at the company.

The top-rated companies by employees are those that help employees meet their personal and professional goals. Therefore, as you look for your next job, consider these factors so as to get your foot through the right door.

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